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Asia's fastest-growing companies work with NewCampus to develop leaders who transform their culture, companies and cities. Here are some of their stories.

Supporting the growth of Asia's fastest-growing companies

Stories from Regional Leaders

Our learners are up-and-coming leaders shaping the landscape of their communities and organisations.

Fijar Muhawimia

Fijar Muhawimia

Head of Training at JivaAcademy
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Lester Aguirre

Lester Aguirre

Customer Success Sr Manager at Sprout Solutions
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Peishan Tan

Peishan Tan

Customer Success Sr Manager at Mixpanel
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Haniah Omar

Haniah Omar

Creative Director at Media.Monks
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Stories from Our Clients

We work with scale-ups across Asia to transform their culture and address the growing pains of hyper-growth.

Hello Health

Helping Hello Health weave culture and coaching into team communication
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Sprout Solutions

Growing a feedback culture and strengthening Sprout Solutions’ performance
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Supporting ZALORA's approach has led to improved team dynamics, individual growth, and overall performance
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ONE Esports

Achieving performance and engagement across the ONE Esport’s team
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Helping Mixpanel navigate the internal shifts that accompany restructuring
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Helping Shopback address the people gaps created by their rapid growth
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Helping Carousell integrate cross-cultural teams to build a cohesive organisation
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Designing L&D initiatives to align culture for MyRepublic's high growth trajectory
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"NewCampus has taught me a lot, especially in the beginning of my leadership journey. It grows me as a person."
Jordy Adam
Offline Marketing Jr. Manager at Flash Coffee
"From writing code 100% to writing code now 20-25%. Almost all of my time now goes into management and having discussion with my teammates, and resolving their issues, with the help of NewCampus."
Aryan Maurya
Software Developer at Ayoconnect
"There's a lot of responsibility that comes with being the only individual running a market at the current time. But being able to pause my mind for 1-2 hours and having the right support system has been quite rewarding."
Berina Colakovic
Sales Director APAC at StackAdapt
"After attending the NewCampus Management Essentials Sprint, I approach leadership more mindfully using the frameworks we learned."
Wyin Kok
Product Manager
"I was blessed to have a work environment that was full of people that are hungry about technology and the coaches from NewCampus' Management Essentials Sprint. They help me understand the importance of technology improvement and how it might help supporting the business."
Airlangga Tirta
Engineering Manager at Kitabisa
"You need more time to nurture your team and also provide a space for them to find their own way. Becoming a leader is a lifetime learning journey."
Mutia Ramadhani
Digital Marketing Manager at LINE Bank
"One on one sessions shouldn't only be focused on work-related issues. It should also go around with getting to know your direct report deeply."
Shaira Lyn Abdon
Inbound Marketing Team Lead at Sprout Solutions
"Give your trust to your team members. Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to control everything, but the mindset that we need to have is that we can grow and learn together."
Susanti Lee
Senior Product Designer
"If you build something top-down but the team actually wants bottom-up, then you're hurting rather than helping. Compare what the team says with what you're thinking, see how big that gap is, and what we need to do to fill it."
Nabeel Siddiqui
Lead Analyst at Wise
"When it comes to navigating your career path, don't take failure as a step back, but rather as an opportunity to course correct to learn something about how you could have done your job better, or even to learn something new about yourself and how you can grow as a person."
May Chin
Principal Product Manager at Zalora
"When you work as a product designer, everything has to be scientific and based on data. But being a leader, it’s all about communication rather than giving technical feedback. You have to listen to your team members more."
Ageng Raditya
Design Manager at Quipper
"What differentiates NewCampus from most leadership workshops is it's interactive. Other workshops have the coach or trainer presenting the material without us reflecting what we did in the past or what we want to do in the future. My cohort mates and I learned alot after the reflective discussions"
Arina Nada Kentjana
Product Manager at Sahabat Bisnis
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"Good delegation requires a couple of things: identifying tasks that can be meaningfully delegated (through the Eisenhower matrix), explaining the rationale, empowering the individual with the task, and outlining areas for improvement/growth after the task is completed."
Gillian Pinto
Senior Account Manager at RICE Communications
"I’ve learned the power of utilising the Eisenhower matrix on a daily basis and how easy it is to build a clearer picture of where tasks can be delegated to save time but also where the opportunities are to allow my direct reports to grow in their role."
Jennifer Toole-Stott
Account Director at Teads
"It helped me re-prioritize all my tasks (at work and for personal admin stuff) and so help me take the good decision. The Eisenhower Matrix is quite easy to use and very powerful, that’s the beauty of it!"
Matthieu Menard
Software Developer at Novade Solutions
"When there are unclear boundaries or ownership of projects, (it becomes important) to figure out who is actually a decider and who is providing opinions."
Kyu Lim
Product Design Lead at foodpanda
"This framework helps with identifying the stakeholder/function where the biggest impact of that proposed change is going to be for an easier transition."
Assistant Manager Training at Kitopi
"(I realised that) in my project right now, the stakeholder buy-in I find challenging to get is between the Team and the Senior Executives layer, with some variations but overall the senior layer is harder to align on vision with."
Key Account Director at Glints

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