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ONE Esports

Achieving performance and engagement across the ONE Esport’s team
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ONE Esports, Asia's largest championship esports series, is a gaming company based in Southeast Asia. With their global esports site,, they have become a prominent platform reaching millions of visitors each month, offering the latest news, features, and in-depth stories on esports athletes, teams, and fans.

Challenge: Understanding perspectives and meeting expectations

With a vast, geographically dispersed workforce around Asia, they acknowledged the need to bridge the gap between diverse perspectives and expectations, as the company operated across various regions. From traditional to emerging leadership styles, one similar pattern is to push the team to grow.

"What matters is that the job gets done and the team comes out of it stronger and tighter." - S, PR & Communications Manager

Solution: Exposure to diverse cultures and frameworks

ONE Esports decided to partner with NewCampus to scale their team. Upon recognizing the value of exposure to diverse cultures and experiences in fostering growth and understanding, the team’s initiative was to provide employees with opportunities to engage in open discussions with individuals from different backgrounds and work experiences.

NewCampus’ cohort experience helps in learning directly with peers from different industries, giving fresh perspectives from professionals who are on the same path.

"Talking to people with experience, exchanging with people who have real work experience." - J, Country Manager
"Highly valuable. It's good to know when other leaders face the same problem as you." - A, Editor

These interactions aimed to broaden everyone’s perspectives and enable them to adapt and collaborate effectively across diverse regions.

Result: A culture of high performance and stronger relationships

With a clear cultural vision, the team was empowered to embrace a growth mindset and emphasize the importance of continuous improvement. This approach contributed to a work environment where they established genuine connections and stronger relationships with their team.

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