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Zoe, Dailymotion
High-performing individual contributors
Carlo, Payruler
Ambitious senior leaders scaling culture
Alicia, SensorFlow
First-time managers leading larger teams
“There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being the only individual running a market at the current time. But being able to pause my mind for 1-2 hours and having the right support system has been quite rewarding.”
Sales Director APAC & NewCampus Alumni

May 15, 2024

Building Performance Management: How Performance Management Evolves with Scale

Pras (Group COO at Visinema) shares how to navigate calibration challenges, their significance, and outcomes; balancing performance and behaviour across hierarchical levels.

February 27, 2024

Digitising Engagement, Learning, and Development Processes with Workademy

Olga (Co-Founder of Workademy) shares her inspiration for creating user-friendly educational content, making learning engaging, and helping employees grow through a supportive learning management system

February 26, 2024

A Feedback-Friendly OKR with Tability: Organising Goals in The Best Way Possible

Sten (Co-Founder and CEO of Tability) shares how he designed a simple goal-tracking platform that encourages agility, continuous feedback, and team alignment

February 19, 2024

AI for Professionals: Building Brand Identity, Authenticity, and People-Connection with The Multiverse AI

Tanya and Zeeshaan (Co-Founders of The Multiverse AI) share their journey and inspiration of turning AI generated images into high quality professional portraits for businesses, saving them time and resources