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Sprint Coaches

Coaches at NewCampus lead sessions, delivering workshop content and providing asynchronous support to all learners throughout our programs.

What to expect from our Sprint Coaches

3 cohorts, 60 learners per coach

To ensure each coach has the capacity to fully engage and build relationships with each learner, each coach takes on a maximum of 60 learners across 3 cohorts. All of our coaches have extensive experience managing teams, coaching young professionals, and experience working in diverse environments.

Extensive training & assessment

In addition to bringing relevant experience, our coaches undergo thorough training before running  cohorts. This involves asynchronous training content, observation, live engagement with learners and co-facilitation alongside the Program Lead, with a final assessment before they run their own cohorts.

Recruited for heart, mindset & skill

All our coaches want to guide, support, and mentor leaders. They can positively affirm and build confidence while challenging mindsets and stretching capabilities. Our recruitment process involves interviews, assessments and references to ensure coaches have fulfilled similar responsibilities and align with our mission.

Sprint Coach Profiles

Fukuko Ayama

Lead sprint coach & programme lead

As Programme Lead, Fukuko is responsible for leading and managing the delivery of the sprints run by NewCampus. Prior to joining NewCampus, she was the President & COO of LearningLeaders, an education start-up based in Shanghai, China.

She built her career in investment banking and HR, though her passion has always been in learning, where she’s able to both support and guide individuals to become more self aware and recognise their full potential. Her superpower is to build relationship with her team by balancing empathy and accountability in her management style. Outside of work, she enjoys cross-fit exercises, playing in a funk band, and cooking.

Solonia Teodros

Lead sprint coach

As a Sprint Coach at NewCampus, Solonia leads the delivery of the Sprint program and coaching leaners through their six-week journey. She is also the Co founder and Chief Experience Designer at The Change School and an Advisor at Antler. Through her body of work as a ‘Changepreneur’ and Thrive Coach, she supports individuals, teams and multinational organisations to adopt Design Thinking, LEAN Management, Agile Mindset and Social Innovation practices to achieve values-driven transformation.

With life chapters spanning Asia, Europe and the US, she identifies as a Global Citizen, enriched by her curiosity and love for adventure travel, yoga, and creative spirituality.


sprint coach

As a Sprint Coach in NewCampus, Meghna has the wonderful opportunity to design and deliver truly unforgettable learning experiences.

Before joining NewCampus, she used her expertise to work as a learning experience designer and facilitator with an innovative edTech start-up based in India. The dynamism and challenges of her job ignited her passion for learning and made her a true believer in the power of the individual. From her deep respect for people and their ideas, to her genuine curiosity and zeal for life, it’s no surprise that Meghna is an eclectic individual with diverse interests.

Brian S. Lee

Lead sprint coach

As a Lead Sprint Coach at NewCampus, Brian is responsible for leading and managing the delivery sprints. With his extensive experience as an executive coach across APAC and facilitating courses at Rochester Institute of Technology, Brian is an expert in empowering people to navigate human relationships, communicate across cultures and develop emotional intelligence.

What makes Brian truly special is his ability to help people adopt other perspectives, take the time to structure their thoughts and experiment with new ways of communicating.

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