We help Southeast Asian startups perform at their best by partnering with  People & Culture leaders to grow employees, design winning teams and scale organisations.

We provide hyper-specialised training for hypergrowth startups

No cookie-cutter solutions here, we tailor all our programmes, content and learning experiences to real-life scenarios you're facing.

If you're a startup based in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore currently working on any of the following, we'd love to chat!

Internal university, wiki-building, train-the-trainer
Change management, resource planning, cultivating culture, employee transformation
Leadership development, performance reviews, competency mapping, career laddering
Goal setting, OKRs, communication, coaching
Why Work with Us?

Startups are flexible and agile.
People & Culture should be too.

Our region deserves localised, specialised training for real growth

Southeast Asia is a thriving region with phenomenal economic growth fuelled by a young, ambitious, diverse, interconnected workforce. Startups in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam are solving big problems and responding to market opportunities in exciting, agile ways.

However, people and culture struggle to keep pace alongside rapid change in the business. As startups chase growth from Series A, to B to C and beyond, culture erodes, people leave and performance suffers.

There's no 'one size fits all' when it comes to people development. That's why NewCampus offers hyper-specialised training tailored to unique scenarios faced by each startup.

Personalised learning solutions for all stages of the business

Growing Individual Employees
Whether they're individual contributors, first-time managers, or directors, we have learning programmes tailored to SEA startups that help employees gain the skills and mindsets they need to perform at their best and develop their career.
Designing Winning Teams
High-performing startups are made of winning teams led by skilled leaders who are authentic, strategic, performance-driven culture-shapers. We can help identify and architect the "positions and the players" that will drive success, and the resource plan to back it up
Scaling Organisations
We get it, organisation design for complex, chaotic environments require flexible structures. We help HR leaders harness the power of learning to enhance performance management, talent development, succession planning, retention and more.

“After experiencing NewCampus training, [V] and [H] came back telling me amazing things they learned and the amazing people they met. I’ve seen them using what they learnt in their day-to-day managing teams and stakeholders.

I highly recommend having a conversation to explore the opportunity to get the broader ONE leaders benefits from NewCampus' innovative approach to leadership training.”

Jane Guo, Vice President, Head of Analytics & Insights
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