Skills Gap Analysis

Bridging success with strategic skills gap analysis
Skills Gap Analysis is more than identifying deficiencies—it's a strategic initiative to empower your workforce with the skills essential for organisational success. NewCampus offers a comprehensive service that involves design, assessment, and implementation of Skills Gap Analysis programs. Our goal is to uncover insights that drive targeted learning and development initiatives, ensuring your team possesses the skills needed to excel.
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Benefits and Outcomes

Precision Learning
Identify specific skill gaps within your workforce, allowing for targeted and efficient learning programs.
Optimised Training Investments
Allocate training resources effectively by focusing on areas where skills development will yield the greatest impact.
Employee Empowerment
Provide employees with a clear roadmap for professional development, fostering a culture of continuous learning.
Talent Retention
Addressing skill gaps enhances job satisfaction, reducing turnover and positioning your organisation as a preferred employer.

How It Works

Our three-step process ensures a collaborative and strategic approach to Skills Gap Analysis, providing your organisation with the insights and strategies needed to bridge skill deficiencies and create a workforce ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Needs Assessment and Goal Setting

Consultation: Engage in a comprehensive consultation to understand organisational goals, workforce needs, and the desired skill development outcomes.

Stakeholder Involvement: Involve key stakeholders to ensure a holistic understanding of current skill levels and strategic priorities.

Objective Setting: Collaboratively define Skills Gap Analysis objectives aligned with organisational goals and values.


Framework Design and Training

Customisation: Tailor a Skills Gap Analysis framework that reflects the unique identity and goals of the organisation.

Assessment Tools: Deploy targeted assessments, surveys, and interviews to identify specific skill gaps across different roles and departments.

Data Analysis: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of assessment data to pinpoint skill gaps and prioritise areas for development.


Implementation and Continuous Enhancement

Feedback and Learning Roadmap: Share analysis results with stakeholders and collaboratively develop a learning roadmap to address identified skill gaps.

Implementation Support: Provide ongoing support in implementing learning and development initiatives, ensuring alignment with analysis findings.

Monitoring and Adjustment: Establish mechanisms for ongoing monitoring, collect feedback, and make iterative improvements to enhance the skills development process continually.

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