Our Programmes

We've designed 3 live-learning programmes consisting of 12 modules to equip emerging leaders with skills and mindsets to drive behavioural change and transform their teams.

For New Managers
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For Senior Leadership
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For Individual Contributors
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A live learning experience tailored for real business scenarios

Toolkits & frameworks

Unlock toolkits and frameworks practiced and verified by industry-experts to help you excel as a manager, coach and coworker

Global network

Meet and learn with people from over 50 industries and gain fresh perspectives from like-minded professionals who are on the same path as you

Cohort experience

Learn directly from like-minded peers and instructors through small-group activities in our interactive live sessions

Live coaching

Learn through role-playing exercises, discussions, and thinking prompts - all facilitated by a dedicated Sprint Coach

What makes our programmes unique?

Competency Gap Analysis
Through our pre-programme interviews, we zoom in to identify how competency gaps manifest into barriers to business performance.
Performance Observations
We observe and share with you data points that enable you to benchmark how individual problems solve in real-time.
Skills Transfer
We focus only on what's useful to work tasks and performance.
Competency Assessment
Each learner that goes through a NewCampus programme will be supported with the Transformation Tracker.
Real learning changes behaviour

Tracking Behaviour Change

At the heart of every programme is our Transformation Tracker. We measure learning success by tracking behavioural change via 2 points, the first from the learner, and the second from either a direct report or their manager. Now that's real impact!

Want to build a custom programme?
Here's how it works...

week 1
We'll work together to identify the managers who will benefit from this programme.
week 2
NC will speak with 2-3 learners to understand their challenges so that we may tailor our content to them.
week 3
All learners will submit their profiles for our sprint coaches to get to know them.
week 4
Delivery of the 4-week sprint programme.
week 5
NewCampus will share findings and analysis in a report.

“After experiencing NewCampus training, [V] and [H] came back telling me amazing things they learned and the amazing people they met. I’ve seen them using what they learnt in their day-to-day managing teams and stakeholders.

I highly recommend having a conversation to explore the opportunity to get the broader ONE leaders benefits from NewCampus' innovative approach to leadership training.”

Jane Guo, Vice President, Head of Analytics & Insights
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