Empowering your internal trainers so they can build teams that thrive
Investing in Train-the-Trainers is not just about transferring knowledge; it's a strategic move to cultivate a cadre of skilled educators who can elevate your organisation's learning culture. NewCampus offers a comprehensive service that includes the design, training, and implementation of a Train-the-Trainers programme. Our goal is to empower your internal trainers, ensuring they are equipped to deliver impactful and engaging learning experiences.
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Benefits and Outcomes

Internal Expertise
Develop a pool of internal trainers with deep expertise in your organization's unique processes, culture, and learning objectives.
Consistent Training Qualities
Ensure a consistent and high standard of training delivery across various teams and departments.
Reduce external training costs by leveraging internal talent, creating a sustainable and cost-effective learning environment.
Employee Development
Provide professional development opportunities for internal trainers, enhancing their skills and career growth.

How It Works

Our three-step process ensures a collaborative and impactful approach to Train-the-Trainers Excellence, empowering your internal trainers to drive learning initiatives that align with your organisational goals and values.


Needs Assessment and Goal Setting

Consultation: Engage in a comprehensive consultation to understand organisational goals, training needs, and areas where internal expertise is critical.

Trainers Skills Analysis: Assess the current skills and capabilities of potential internal trainers to identify areas for development.

Objective Setting: Collaboratively define Train-the-Trainers programmes objectives aligned with organisational learning goals.


Framework Design and Training

Customisation: Tailor a Train-the-Trainers framework that aligns with organisational culture, values, and long-term learning objectives.

Skills Development: Design and deliver targeted training sessions to enhance the training and facilitation skills of internal trainers.

Mentorship Programmes: Establish mentorship programmes to facilitate knowledge transfer and ongoing development among trainers.


Implementation and Continuous Enhancement

Rollout: Implement the Train-the-Trainers programmes across the organisational, ensuring a seamless integration with existing learning initiatives.

Monitoring and Feedback: Establish ongoing monitoring mechanisms, collect feedback, and make necessary adjustments to enhance the effectiveness of the programmes.

Continuous Support: Provide ongoing support, updates, and resources to internal trainers, ensuring their continued growth and success.

Empower your internal trainers

Upskill your team with the frameworks and mindsets needed to transform your organisation.
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