Solutions for scaling organisations

Strategies for Scaling Your Startup Organisation

When startups begin scaling their entire organisation, they often encounter challenges that can hinder growth and lead to inefficiencies

Pain Points

As startups embark on their growth journey, they often face unique challenges in managing and scaling performance effectively.

Fragmented leadership team

Misalignment in vision, culture and values

Employee well-being and motivation

Our Services

From designing scalable organisational structures to developing training and HR capabilities, we ensure startups can seamlessly transition from 10 to 1,000 people while maintaining their unique culture and vision.
Culture Assessment and Alignment

Gain insights into your startup's culture and align it with your growth objectives. We conduct thorough assessments and work collaboratively to ensure your culture reflects your mission, fostering an environment where your team thrives. What you will get: 

  • Employee Survey
  • Stakeholder Alignment Workshop
  • Workshop with stakeholders to identify a new set of cultures (or revise existing ones)
Learning and Development Strategy
Empower your workforce for success. Our tailored learning and development strategies equip your employees with the skills needed to drive innovation and growth.
Employee Engagement Assessment
Boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Our assessment tools gauge employee engagement levels, enabling targeted strategies to enhance workplace satisfaction and retention.
Organisation Identity Exercise
Define your startup's unique identity. Our exercises help craft a compelling organisational identity, attracting top talent and aligning your team with your mission and values, driving long-term success.
HR Process Optimisation
Streamline your HR processes for efficiency and scalability. We analyse and optimise your HR workflows, ensuring they support your growth trajectory and enhance overall productivity.

Our Approach

We work with startups to tailor transformative programmes that focus on the pain points unique to their culture and stage of growth, and continue to support them post-programme to ensure true behavioural change.

Align goals with stakeholders

Drive behavioural change

Manage long-term change


"I took the time to reflect on the team’s future and they could be better balanced. When someone else critiqued the structure I was showing them, it gave me an understanding that would not have been easy to realize on my own."
Senior Design Manager at Jiva
"The courses are conducted in a way that celebrates feminine power - leadership that is empowering, nurturing, and warm. Something that is different from the traditional leadership styles."
Head of Ad Operations APAC at Dailymotion

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