Improving Internal Communication

Bridge communication gaps for seamless teamwork
In today's fast-paced and interconnected business world, effective communication is the linchpin of success. We equip your team with the skills and strategies needed to excel in various critical areas of communication.
curriculum & content

Programme Modules

Our library of modules constantly evolves to allow us to equip our learners with the latest best practices and skill sets.
module 1

remote communication

Teams are increasingly working in cross-borders or remote environments. Learn how to effectively communicate digitally to increase collaboration and reduce misinformation.

module 2

Negotiation Excellence

We engage in negotiations every day with teammates across the organisation. Learn how to negotiate to build relationships and end with both parties happy.

module 3

Conflict Management

Deepen your understanding of the reasons for conflict and the emotions behind it. Learn how to handle challenging situations with increased confidence, approaching them in a proactive, constructive and sensitive way.

module 4

Facilitating conversations

Facilitating conversations is a more effective way to gain stakeholder trust and buy-in. Learn how to drive a group conversation, create space for participants and manage different personas.

Framework Library

View our ever-growing library of accessible frameworks made for people leadership.
case studies

Stories from our learners

Our learners are up-and-coming leaders shaping the landscape of their communities and organisations.
Fijar Muhawimia
Fijar Muhawimia
Head of Training at JivaAcademy
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Lester Aguirre
Lester Aguirre
Customer Success Sr Manager at Sprout Solutions
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Peishan Tan
Peishan Tan
Customer Success Sr Manager at Mixpanel
Read More
Haniah Omar
Haniah Omar
Creative Director at Media.Monks
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We work with hypergrowth fintech, eCommerce, agri-tech, logistics and more, from Series A and beyond.

Learning Features

As startups embark on their growth journey, they often face unique challenges in managing and scaling performance effectively.

Toolkits & Frameworks

Unlock toolkits and frameworks practiced and verified by industry experts to help you excel as a manager, coach and coworker.

Online Learning

Meet new people and build relationships with teammates across the organisation through small-group activities in our interactive live sessions.

Live coaching

Learn through roleplaying exercises, discussions and thinking prompts — all facilitated by a dedicated Sprint Coach.
measuring success

Business Features

Behavioural Transformation Report
We administer a peer and individual review of key behaviours associated with topics that will be covered, this is done before and after the programme to collect data around behavioural change stemming from the learning experience.
Learner Report Card
We observe and share data points that enable you to benchmark how individuals solve problems in real-time. Businesses have been able to use this to identify high and low performers and create development plans for individuals.
Weekly updates
We provide a dashboard for you to keep up with learners’ attendance, issues and content updates. This will allow you to keep a pulse on key activities and your learners.
Competency Gaps Analysis
We carry out pre-programme interviews with a group of learners to identify how competency gaps manifest into barriers to business performance. Every business and their specific teams have different needs, we cater to this by diving deep into what makes your team different.

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