Solutions for scaling performance

Unlocking Performance Excellence for Scaling Startups

We guide startups scale their growth while helping them focus on goals and measure progress accurately.

Pain Points

As startups embark on their growth journey, they often face unique challenges in managing and scaling performance effectively.

Fragmented teams that work in silos

Lack of employee performance data

Inconsistent performance

Our Services

At NewCampus, we understand these challenges and offer a range of services designed to empower startups planning for scale. With our guidance, startups can scale their growth while maintaining a clear focus on their scaling goals and measuring progress accurately.

Performance Management System
Unlock streamlined performance management processes and improved accountability. Our service includes the design, implementation and refinement of performance management systems, fostering a culture of excellence.
Implementing Effective OKRs
Enhance goal-setting and alignment with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). We refine your OKR process for clearer objectives, improved tracking, and better focus on achieving growth milestones, while developing your leaders’ core people management skills.
Improving Internal Communication
Bridge communication gaps for seamless teamwork. Our training programmes enhance cross-borders and cross-functional collaboration through enhancing communication, stakeholder buy-in and teamwork skills.
Strategy Alignment
Ensure everyone in your organisation is moving in the same direction. We facilitate strategy alignment workshops to ensure that your team is working cohesively towards the organisation’s objectives.
Executive Coaching
Elevate leadership skills for sustainable growth. Our executive coaching programme empowers startup leaders with personalised guidance, enhancing their effectiveness in driving performance and achieving goals.

Our Approach

We work with startups to tailor transformative programmes that focus on the pain points unique to their culture and stage of growth, and continue to support them post-programme to ensure true behavioural change.

Align goals with stakeholders

Drive behavioural change

Manage long-term change


"I took the time to reflect on the team’s future and they could be better balanced. When someone else critiqued the structure I was showing them, it gave me an understanding that would not have been easy to realize on my own."
Senior Design Manager at Jiva
"The courses are conducted in a way that celebrates feminine power - leadership that is empowering, nurturing, and warm. Something that is different from the traditional leadership styles."
Head of Ad Operations APAC at Dailymotion

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