Competency Mapping

Identify key competencies required for performance measurement
Competency maps serve as a strategic blueprint for employee development, succession planning and performance measurement. It outlines the specific skills, knowledge, and behaviours required for success within the organisation.
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Benefits and Outcomes

Enhance Talent Management
Identify, develop, and retain top talent, fostering a high-performing workforce.
Align Goals
Ensure that individual and organisational goals are harmonised, leading to more effective and strategic decision-making.
Improve Performance
Equip employees with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles, enhancing overall performance.
Strengthen Culture
Foster a culture of excellence, where values and behaviours are consistently reinforced and aligned.

How It Works


Assessment & Discovery

  • Holding interviews with key stakeholders including employees, managers and leadership to understand the organisation’s goal and values.
  • Conduct an assessment of existing infrastructure.


Co-creation & Alignment

  • Co-creating a competency framework in the format of a visual roadmap through collaborative workshops with relevant stakeholders.
  • For each role and function, identify desired competencies and define behavioural indicators to ensure clarity and objectivity.


Sustainable Implementation

  • Integrate the competency map into existing performance management systems, linking up with goals and feedback.
  • Establish mechanisms to continually refine and improve the competency map.

Build a competency map for your organisation

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