Solutions for scaling people

Empowering People and Teams in Tech Startups

Scaling people and teams is a crucial aspect of a startup's growth journey

Pain Points

As startups embark on their growth journey, they often face unique challenges in managing and scaling performance effectively.

Underutilised resources

Diluted culture through mass hiring

Lack of succession planning

Our Services

At NewCampus, we understand these challenges and offer a range of services designed to empower people to scale with the company. With our guidance, startups can efficiently scale their teams, foster a culture of excellence, and ensure that every team member contributes to the organization's success.
Team and Resource Planning

Optimise your startup's workforce for growth. Our service assists in strategic team and resource planning, ensuring you have the right talent in place to support your scaling objectives. What you will get: 

  • Resource mapping workshops with identified stakeholders
  • Identify talent gaps within each team
  • Framework for your leaders to improve their management of employee growth and succession planning.
Manager Training

Empower your managers to lead effectively. Our training programme enhances leadership skills, fostering a culture of excellence, and enabling managers to drive team success. What you will get: 

  • Personalised training programme for your managers
  • Pre-programme discoveryBehavioural change analysis
  • Post-programme development report
Competency Mapping
Identify and harness your team's strengths. Our competency mapping service helps startups pinpoint key skills and talents within their workforce, optimising team performance and development.
Scaling Culture
Cultivate a cohesive and productive work culture. Our workshops help guide leaders on how to build and scale their team’s culture as the team grows.
Executive Coaching
Elevate leadership skills for sustainable growth. Our executive coaching program empowers startup leaders with personalised guidance, enhancing their effectiveness in driving performance and achieving goals.

Our Approach

We work with startups to tailor transformative programmes that focus on the pain points unique to their culture and stage of growth, and continue to support them post-programme to ensure true behavioural change.

Align goals with stakeholders

Drive behavioural change

Manage long-term change


"Having the framework in mind from the Leadership Essentials training, it really helps me to better understand who the stakeholders are that I should approach first."
Design Lead at Media.Monks
"What really stood out for me throughout the 4-week course was the discourse that took place among the participants, with each other, and also with the instructors. It led to a lot of further learning. I learned some things that were different from my usual approach."
Country Operations Manager at Beam Mobility

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