What We’ve Learned from the SEA Leadership Tech Landscape

February 7, 2024

We recently held a townhall at NewCampus with people leaders around Southeast Asia, to look back at 2023 and look forward to 2024

For over three years, the NC Community has been having great discussions and building relationships with leaders in Southeast Asia. This February, we continued this with a casual Wednesday townhall. We talked about the wins, challenges, and future of the tech industry for 2024.

We're excited to understand the insights and changes that guide the region's journey. After the challenges of 2023 and the promising chances in 2024, it's the perfect time to reflect on the past, understand the present, and plan for the future. Here's what we learned from each other about the SEA tech leadership scene.

Reflecting from 2023 🌾

In 2023, many changes happened, affecting everyone. A lot of Southeast Asian companies went through tough times and dealt with many issues. During this time, people talked a lot about wanting change and being ready to transform.

Though we had problems, we learned about resilience and adaptability. The idea of 'catching up' during this event showed a common goal: overcoming challenges to create a better future. Even with personal and professional obstacles, leaders learned important lessons. They prepared themselves to handle changing situations with courage and resolve.

Looking ahead for 2024 ⚡️

Moving into 2024, things seem exciting but complex. It's about embracing changes and boosting resilience and adaptability. We highlight several issues, like the need for a continuous learning and improvement culture in organisations, and the urgency to fill gaps and trigger transformative changes. It's all about adapting to the current situation.

As we consider the future, we expect both difficulties and opportunities. By learning from the past and tackling the present, we can grow and innovate. From the discussions, a few key concepts emerge that can help us make sense of the year better:

  • Stay positive: Stay hopeful and recover quickly, even when things are tough
  • Keep learning and adapting: Always learn new things and change to help improve and innovate
  • Key focus areas: Work on things like training people, making things run better, and growing to ensure lasting success
  • Community and teamwork: Leadership in Southeast Asia is about working together and building a shared vision with different views

Even with all the changes, our NC community stays the same. The main thing is keeping in touch, whether through teamwork or personal bonds.

Thanks to everyone who joined in, gave thoughts, and added to the discussion. We can't wait to get together again soon! 👋🏼

You can follow along on our other learnings, and we’re always up for a chat.