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How Booky's talent development initiatives are shaping a culture of continuous learning
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Meet Dino, the Head of Product at Booky. As the team grows, he plans to create a standard that helps develop leaders from within the company and gives everyone a chance to grow alongside it.

Booky at a glance 🍕

Booky is a solutions provider that aims to power every digital transaction of F&B in the Philippines, that has the everyday Filipino at heart. Through partnerships with the country’s major banks, malls, and media outlets along with backing from institutional investors, Booky has established itself as a platform that benefits both consumers and businesses.

Today, Booky is a relied-upon tool and touchpoint for innovative and effective interactions.

Setting a cobblestone path for the team’s growth

With over 100 employees, the company has expanded into lifestyle partnerships and promotions, reaching over a million active users. As the team grows, Booky's leadership faces a crucial challenge: building a benchmark for themselves and creating a career path for everyone in the team.

Booky's leadership aims to foster a culture that doubles down on talent, translating to increased output and outcomes. They recognise that people management will always be the heart of any type of company, startup or corporate.

To achieve this, they partnered with NewCampus to set the steps for Booky's team leadership journey, ensuring that every team member has the opportunity to grow and develop into a leader.

“People management will always be at the heart of any type of company, startup, or corporation. If you foster the correct culture and are able to double down on the type of culture that you want, it translates into outputs and outcomes.”

Encouraged reflection and consideration of communication strategies within the team

The Management Essentials programme from NewCampus aimed to equip teams with essential skills for effective communication and delegation. The programme consisted of weekly deep dives, where learners explored various concepts and strategies.

Initially, the learners expressed significant learning after the first session, and this enthusiasm continued to grow after the second session. The programme's practical application and collaborative approach ensured that the learners could immediately apply their new skills, leading to improved team performance and a more cohesive team environment.

"Listening to her excitement and learning about the theories in the class was nice to hear."

They brought the learnings to Booky and crafted a team activity for a communication framework, outlining the team’s various communication styles. This allowed team members to better understand and adapt to different personalities within the team, creating more effective communication.

Building a culture of continuous learning

The next step is ensuring that the lessons learned are not only applied by the individual but also adopted as a cultural norm within the organisation. This implementation of talent management practices at Booky has set a positive example for caring for people as a talent.

"Doubling down on that, it doesn't make sense if someone just learns and does not apply it in a broader setting. So, that's the challenge for us: to ensure that whatever they've learned is truly taken to heart and applied to the rest of the team."

By adopting this approach, Booky can build a culture of continuous learning and improvement, ultimately enhancing its competitive edge in the market.

NewCampus facilitates ground-up, grassroots movements of people leaders committed to growing the team. Learn more here.

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