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Glints has been enabling professionals in the Southeast Asia region to grow their careers and empower organisations to hire the right talent since 2015. It employs over 200 people, is headquartered in Singapore and has a footprint in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan.

Building and supporting new leaders during high-growth periods

Like many technology companies, Glints was facing a landscape of change, particularly across its sales teams. Its sales team played a crucial role in the company's growth trajectory, and it became evident that new leaders needed to emerge to guide and motivate their salesforce while achieving targets.

Glints nominated 50 of their sales managers across regions through the 4-week Management Essentials programme by NewCampus.

Self-reflections are the catalyst for performance conversations

Self-reflections formed the foundation for conversations between managers and team members. 1-1 discovery interview, before and after the sprint, with the NewCampus coaches makes sure to understand their day-to-day challenges and address a tailor-made suggestion.

"I feel like I have a guideline to deal with my team. They're human which also need to be taken care of, not only giving them assignments but also empower them to be better, both professionally & personally."

These conversations were designed to be open and constructive, enabling managers to gain deeper insights into individuals' self-perception, aspirations, and challenges. Managers used self-reflection as a starting point to facilitate meaningful discussions on goal setting, development plans, and career progression.

Champion company values

While achieving high sales results was important, it was equally essential to ensure that the sales team demonstrated leadership qualities and upheld the company's values in their day-to-day operations.

"I have new insight into leadership. Although some methods have already been applied, sometimes I forgot to do so due to company targets. Thanks for reminding me, I will become a great leader!"

By integrating leadership development initiatives into the sales team's activities, Glints fostered the growth of leadership skills among team members. This enabled individuals to effectively navigate challenges, inspire their peers, and contribute to a positive team culture.

Team alignment and cadence of check-ins

The sales team required a structured framework that incorporated both quantitative metrics (such as input metrics, activity numbers, and sales funnel/pipeline) and qualitative feedback (including client feedback and prospects) to ensure continuous improvement and success.

"I really like the way this training is presented. 2 hours time can be spent really fast and I personally really enjoy the session where I can learn and know how other managers are also facing quite similar problems with their team."

The check-in cadence provided a platform for identifying and addressing issues that hindered the team's progress. Team members were encouraged to raise challenges and roadblocks they encountered while working with clients or prospects. The team collectively brainstormed solutions shared best practices and collaborated on strategies to overcome obstacles.

Advancing culture in leaps and sales

In total, 94% of the participants reported an increase in confidence as a people manager after the programme. 98% of the participants also reported using the concepts given at least once a week. Overall, participants found the workshops engaging and valuable.

Moving forward, Glints plans to concentrate on continuing its work to further progress its learning and development offering, as well as building a culture where employees feel psychologically safe and empowered to fulfill their potential.

"Totally a refreshment for me, even though I’m already a manager for more than 3 years, but the material from NewCampus was very supportive and not judgemental"

The need to integrate leadership skills in the sales teams will remain, and this is where NewCampus comes in as a learning partner that can adapt to diverse teams. Now that Glints’ Sales teams are taking on the role of dynamic leaders, they are taking on the task with renewed confidence.

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