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Helping Mixpanel navigate the internal shifts that accompany restructuring
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Mixpanel is an event analytics platform that allows anyone to get answers from their customer and revenue data in seconds, with over 8,000 customers from different industries around the world. Founded in 2009 and employing over 500 people, Mixpanel serves over 26,000 companies from different industries around the world.

Challenge: Communicating change

On April 10 2023, a number of 'change champions' from CS (Customer Success) and AM (Account Management) at Mixpanel carved out a safe space to bring unanswered questions and assumptions about a recent team restructure to the table and re-define success in the new world.

Solution: Creating a culture of learning

The session involved educating each other about our roles, motivations, pain points, relationships, time dependencies and communication styles.

The attendees also decided the best pathways for getting technical help, timelines for transitions and brainstormed on use cases, which really stretched ourselves to think through  nuances and variables of what's happening on the ground.

Impact: Champions for change

In a short time, both the Account Managers and Customer Support functions were equipped to follow up with each other on detailed handover plans so that they could drive business performance together and individually.

"I realised we are all equally confused and equally figuring this out together.” - Customer success manager

As a result of their partnership with NewCampus, Mixpanel’s transformational leaders were able to proactively address potential human resources issues by providing tools and training, as well as decision recommendations and worksheets to sustain the transforamtion needed at a cross-functional level.

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