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Growing a feedback culture and strengthening Sprout Solutions’ performance
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With its suite of backend HR solutions, Sprout Solutions helps small, medium, and large enterprise Philippine businesses grow. They are uniquely qualified from their close focus and intimate knowledge of the intricate nuances of Philippine HR, having served over 1,000 clients across several industries.

Challenge: Establishing a stronger feedback culture

Constructive feedback is essential for growth and improvement, it’s better to be delivered with tact and respect to foster a positive work environment. Instead of focusing solely on errors, the approach to this situation requires guidance and support.

For Sprout Solution’s hybrid work setting, the intended message may not always be clearly understood or interpreted correctly by the recipients, leading to potential miscommunication to the team. While elaborating on feedback can provide context and insight, being overly verbose can dilute the key message and potentially overwhelm the recipients.

Solution: Supporting new leaders’ development

A multifaceted solution was implemented, incorporating various strategies to foster a growth-oriented and open feedback culture within the team:

Creating a Safe Space for Open Communication

Encouraging team members, including new leaders, to voice their ideas, concerns, and challenges without fear of repercussions. The focus was on promoting transparency and building trust among team members.

Implementing Regular Feedback Sessions

To facilitate continuous improvement and learning, regular feedback sessions were introduced. By inviting contributions from all team members, they could tap into a diverse range of ideas and perspectives.

"It's good to receive feedback to understand how you can improve. Negative feedback will not harm you; it serves as a challenge to make improvements and be your best." - Lead Software Implementation Officer

Encouraging Idea Sharing and Proposal Creation

This process not only allowed for better idea generation but also fostered a sense of ownership and collaboration among team members.

Result: Creating an accessible, complementary leadership tool

Improvement in team dynamics and rapport was built through the establishment of a safe space for feedback, creating a deeper sense of connection among team members. Being attuned to the team members' emotions and needs allowed them to collaborate more effectively and support each other on a personal and professional level.

By engaging in regular feedback sessions and actively listening to the team's aspirations and challenges, team leaders gained a deeper understanding of each individual's goals and aspirations. This enabled them to tailor career development strategies that aligned with the team members' interests, potential, and growth plans.

The frameworks introduced during the NewCampus sprint are created to fit in their day-to-day work, particularly in the area of feedback. The emphasis on providing constructive feedback allowed them to provide clear, actionable insights to her team members, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning.

"I feel that I successfully applied the new learnings from NewCampus and executed them for my team. I always read the articles that were shared afterwards to ensure that I remembered the content and applied it regularly." - Solutions Services Team Lead

"Since I now have my checklist and guidelines for doing coaching, I was able to deliver it in a professional manner. During the session, my team was able to reflect and create a solution on her own. I love how honest and genuine she was during our session. I was able to share with her about our plans and target timeline for our major initiative this year." - Lead HR Software Implementation Officer

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