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Cultivating a growth-centred leadership with GetGo
Transportation & Mobility
Focus Areas
Delegation, Feedback, Coaching, Effective 1-1s

GetGo at a glance 🚙

GetGo is a dynamic company that has made significant strides in the carsharing industry. With its headquarters in Singapore, GetGo operates the largest carsharing service in the country, offering a fleet of over 3,000 cars across more than 1,600 locations.

The company's innovative approach to car rental has revolutionised the way people travel, providing a convenient and affordable solution for those who need a car for a short period. With its focus on accessibility and convenience, GetGo has become a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike.

Stabilising employee frameworks in a rapidly growing team

In the year 2023, GetGo has grown the team by 50%. As they move forward, the company is focusing on further solidifying and enhancing the employee frameworks.

A portion of GetGo’s team is composed of young, energetic, and passionate individuals. These team members, with their fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, give a unique benefit to the company, which is crucial for its ongoing success.

It is equally important to ensure that every team member is equipped with the necessary leadership and team management knowledge to contribute effectively to the team. By investing in the development of these skills, GetGo is creating an environment where every team member is empowered to contribute to their full potential.

"As a new company, we're moving quickly and focusing heavily on success. It can sometimes feel like we're running a non-stop race. Because we're so focused on immediate results, we might unintentionally value Leadership for Results more than Leadership for Growth. While this can work well in the short term, it might unintentionally make us forget the importance of delegating tasks and slow down our long-term growth."

Developing managers with specialised management knowledge

In a bid to tackle the encountered challenge, GetGo, with a strategic approach, initiated a set of comprehensive workshops with NewCampus. These workshops were meticulously designed, centered around the sometimes-overlooked skills such as delegation, feedback, coaching, and the conduction of effective 1:1s.

Learners were brought on a journey of discovery where they learned prioritisation techniques in delegation. These techniques were not only beneficial to individual managers but also significantly boosted the overall productivity of their respective teams.

The workshops also presented an opportunity for learners to gain a comprehensive understanding of providing regular feedback. Feedback that is not only specific and actionable but also inspiring and motivating, enabling them to handle even the most challenging conversations with ease.

In addition to this, the workshops equipped the learners with the skill to ask the right questions, an important part of coaching and productive 1:1 sessions. These sessions are designed to not only remove roadblocks that might slow down productivity, but also boost team spirit and improve relationships at work.

"The session provided a safe space for us to discuss some of our vulnerable moments as leaders."
"Hearing from others about their challenges in delivering feedback was enlightening, especially considering how nuanced it is, as everyone is different."

Transforming leadership and collaboration through shared learning

One of the key outcomes was the facilitation of cross-organisational learning. This process allowed participants from different levels within the company to learn from each other.

This, in turn, sparked enlightening discussions that encouraged perspective-taking and led to productive exchanges of information. These interactions helped build everyone's sentiments of mutual accountability, created a broader context for decision-making, and made a sense of unity and togetherness among the team.

Our coaches were able to maintain a safe and nurturing space for open dialogue and vulnerable sharing. Learners freely discuss their experiences, including their vulnerable moments as leaders. This kind of environment was crucial in building trust and respect among the team, which made their learning experience better.

"I've learned that empowering someone means letting them contribute, make mistakes, and learn. The hard part was learning to 'let go'. Amazingly, the person took charge of the project and works well with little supervision. The next step is to let them create the plan for the next project."

Confidence level increase: 23.4%

Average workshop rating: 8.4

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