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Supporting ZALORA's approach has led to improved team dynamics, individual growth, and overall performance
Focus Areas

With an extensive collection of top international and local brands, ZALORA is a curated platform featuring all the things shoppers love in one place. As one of the region's pioneering large-scale e-commerce platforms, ZALORA has established a strong presence throughout the region, particularly in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, enjoying over 50 million monthly visits.

Challenge: Doubling impact and collaboration

Being in a hypergrowth environment, ZALORA needed to increase team productivity so they could achieve more with existing resources and timeframes. To achieve exponential growth, building a culture of collaboration was crucial in order to foster collective creativity, problem-solving, and synergy within the team.

To further improve, it is a priority to address the team's aspirations, growth areas, and personal motivations in order to better align their work. The company recognizes the need to foster an environment where team members feel comfortable expressing ideas and taking ownership of their work.

Solution: Creating a consistent flow of feedback

We believe that the most effective people managers empower their teams to take ownership of their results. They cultivate key skills that build trust, motivate their team, and create a culture of feedback.

Through Management Essentials, guidance and practical frameworks were provided to enhance the team's performance and complement their great instincts. Throughout the 4-week sprint, we learned that feedback was not criticism, but rather a constructive tool for growth and improvement.

"I love the GROW model - it gives me confidence as a feedback giver and receiver, and helps me know how to approach it.” - Head of B2B Product

"I believe that by using the SCARF model, I can connect better with my direct reports and understand their motivations. Based on these factors, I would be able to offer them precise and constructive feedback while also helping to nudge them in the right direction, be it in their work or personal life.” - Engineering Manager

Seeking feedback from experts provided valuable external perspectives and insights. The live coaching also gave ZALORA's team the opportunity to ask questions and have in-depth discussions.

Result: Empowering managers on collective growth

Managers were empowered to make strategic decisions that prioritize collective growth. They were equipped with the skills to coach and guide their direct reports, fostering an environment of trust, autonomy, and growth.

Through collaboration and reprioritizing tasks, managers could allocate more time and resources to activities that directly contribute to the growth and development of their direct reports. The emphasis on considering growth aspirations and competency development when delegating tasks creates a positive and supportive team environment. Direct reports feel valued and supported, leading to increased engagement, collaboration, and overall team performance.

"What's very important to consider when delegating is whether the task will help my direct report grow in any way, considering their aspirations and areas for competency growth.” - Principal Product Manager

Ultimately, ZALORA’s investment in leadership development and nurturing a growth mindset help contribute to sustained improvement and enhanced team dynamics.

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