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Helping Novade Solutions create clarity in global communication
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Meet Axel, the Global Director of Services at Novade Solutions (Series B company). As the company scales, he manages a team of 30 members split across the APAC and EMEA regions. A part of his role is to ensure the services team can work efficiently, addressing any blockers and providing support to the global team.

Based in the bustling hub of Singapore, It was Novade Solutions' initial goal to transform field management in the construction industry through technology. The company developed its platform after spending countless hours studying how people operate on sites.

Now operating worldwide, Novade Solutions enhances quality, safety, and productivity. It digitalises and automates site processes, including quality control and safety inspections, providing insights to streamline operations and drive results.

Combining ideas from a diverse and dispersed team

Novade Solutions’ team is spread across APAC, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With a remote team spanning diverse cultures and time zones, Novade Solutions tapped into a wealth of global talent. Collaborative projects became vibrant melting pots of ideas, added by the unique perspectives brought forth by team members from different backgrounds.

Leading a distant team during a time of fast expansion, highlights how remote work was not only a hurdle, but a trigger for innovation. Novade Solutions focuses on clear communication. They set the context and ensure the team understands the message. Clear guidelines and streamlined workflows empowered teams to achieve their goals with efficiency and agility.

"It's crucial to stay updated and aware of what's happening in different countries, while also providing timely and accurate feedback.”

Moving forward with clarity

"Clear is kind". This idea is simple, yet the way it's applied is very useful in simplifying their communication strategy. This avoids unnecessary complexity in communication and focusing on the main objective. NewCampus provided a chance to learn new methods or systems for easier work, how to use these methods with different people, and how to pick the right method for each person.

Effective communication, especially in remote work situations, took on new importance in the remote environment. The course at NewCampus provided useful insights on providing clear and concise feedback. Providing context is essential, but the main message should not be lost.

The practical insights and tools gained from the NewCampus Management Essentials programme have become integral to Axel’s and their operational strategy and communication flow.

"Sometimes we try to convey too much in one communication, so it's beneficial to stick to one message, one topic. Avoid adding unnecessary layers. It's important to always provide context and be clear."

Harnessing collective learning for a multiregional team

Axel pays close attention to how the team works and has firm beliefs about teamwork. As a fast-growing company, they understand the importance of doing things right. Having clear communication isn't just about preventing problems, it's crucial for their success.

Axel observed his team members applying the principles learned from the course in their interactions, leading to more effective and efficient meetings. Effective communication is not one-size-fits-all. It requires a combination of structured methodologies, cultural sensitivity, and individual adaptability to ensure that every team member is engaged and understood, ultimately leading to more effective teamwork and organizational success.

He appreciated the adaptability of the methodologies to various cultural contexts within his team, though he noted the need for slight adjustments to cater to individual differences.

"Ultimately, it's about good communication. Using this framework helped us in different situations. The training was useful, as seen in the feedback from my team. We started applying what we learned in our other meetings."

The course's efficiency and the interactive learning environment were major highlights for Axel. It facilitated a sense of community among participants, enabling them to share experiences and insights. This approach to remote learning exceeded Axel's expectations, proving to be an effective mode of professional development.

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