High-Stakes Decision Making with Dominic Soh

April 6, 2021
How to make decisions in highly stressful situations, as well as identify and avoid possible pitfalls

Leaders carry the weight of making high-stakes decisions and bear the consequences of those decisions, says international trainer and TEDx speaker, Dominic Soh. When hit with both pressure and time, there’s a fine line between taking too long to make a thorough decision and acting too rashly, both of which can severely impact a company's bottom line.

In his workshop, “High-Stakes Decision Making”, Dominic will be sharing how you can make decisions in highly stressful situations, as well as identify and avoid possible pitfalls.

As a NewCampus instructor, Dominic enjoys helping others push their limits to reach the next level in their goals and is always eager to meet learners who are driven, ever-curious and hungry for success. He has previously worked with Tesla, National Australia Bank, VW and Australia Post to help staff develop resilience to thrive in change, transitioning and restructuring.

Why does good decision making matter?

Ineffective decision making has huge implications for any company’s productivity. According to McKinsey, managers reported spending roughly a third of their time making decisions, and felt half of that time was spent ineffectively Because of this, experts estimate an average Fortune 500 company can lose more than 530,000 days of working time and waste about $250m on yearly labour costs.

However, even when important decisions are made by competent leaders with the best information and intentions, they can be flawed. 

The leaders of winning organisations are able to balance speed with quality in decision-making by first managing their negative emotional states (like fear and second guessing), while applying the right decision-making frameworks.

As Warren Buffet puts it: “Only when you combine sound intellect with emotional discipline do you get rational behaviour.”

What you’ll learn in this class

In this workshop with Dominic, you’ll get a greater understanding of:

  • Common pitfalls and ways to optimise your mental state for effective decision-making
  • How to use the power of diversity to uncover unknowns and potential blindspots
  • Frameworks and models to split test and objectively assess the pros and cons of decisions

If you're keen to hone and sharpen your decision-making skills, we’re looking forward to having you join the workshop. Sign up for a NewCampus membership here to book your session.

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