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A 16-year-old's workshop on mind-controlled drones

November 22, 2018

Rishabh, our Campus Host, on Becoming Makers: Creating mind-controlled toys and devices

In 2018, we invited Rishabh, a 16-year-old high school student to run a workshop on Becoming Makers: Creating mind-controlled toys and devices at our NewCampus Dubai co-learning space.

So who is Rishabh?

He has been a maker since the age of 7, after being inspired by a Hindi movie on robots. He started out with Lego projects and a few years ago began making projects using an Arduino and a 3D printer.

Since then, he has worked on projects such as a mind-controlled drone, a low-cost 3D printed mind or voice controlled a prosthetic arm, a virtual presence robot, and a 6 feet tall humanoid robot

Rishabh recently travelled to Singapore to present his work with robotics at the Interchange Studio ITAP 2018 Industrial Transformation conference.

What did we do during his workshop?

During his NewCampus workshop, Rishabh was showcasing a self-made gadget that allows people to control their brainwaves through a simple headset that people can buy off the shelf. He was then able to build a software and use existing tools to connect these brainwaves to a drone.

Our participants were 10 working professionals who were taken back to revisit the curiosity and intrigue they felt during childhood.

The first step of the workshop was to go through his methodologies and process to build the product.

The second part of the workshop was to weld the electricity wires to the headset. Once they welded the headset, by keeping a calm mindset, it would activate and power the drone using your mind.

This overall class was a very collective and community driven. More importantly, it was about getting their hands dirty and learning how to build robots from this 16-year-old and understanding the mindset of such a young entrepreneur.

How did he come up with this product?

The back story behind why he made this is truly amazing. Rishabh is building this product to help kids who have trouble concentrating, especially those at school who have ADHD to have a fun and simple way to focus on concentration or breathing exercises.

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