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Talent Development with Jason from etaily

We had an insightful session led by Jason, Head of People and Culture at etaily Philippines, who shared his expertise on talent development for Southeast Asia startups.

Here are the top takeaways from the session:

Training Over Cost: Jason emphasized the importance of focusing on the impact of training rather than just the dollar amount. He shared that etaily allocates a significant percentage of the salary budget for Learning and Development (L&D), ensuring a balance between internal and external training opportunities. This approach not only improves employee skills but also enhances overall organizational performance.

Leadership Buy-In: Breaking down budgets by department and programme, clearly highlighting the strategic importance and expected outcomes of each investment. By doing so, HR leaders can better communicate the value of training initiatives to senior management, ensuring ongoing support and funding.

Bite-Sized Training: Traditional training methods are often impractical for busy employees who may struggle to find time for lengthy sessions. Platforms like EdApp, an AI-driven tool that offers customized, effective training materials in bite-sized formats. This approach makes learning more accessible and manageable, leading to better engagement and retention among employees.

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