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Performance Management with Alvanson from Canva

We had the opportunity of hosting an enlightening session on performance management with Vanson, Regional People Lead for Canva Philippines!

His insights into creating a scalable performance management system at Canva were nothing short of inspiring.

Here are three key takeaways from the discussion:

  • Language Matters: Opt for "approaching" rather than "below expectations". This choice reflects our culture's focus on growth and potential.
  • Timing for Change: No universal solution exists for when to update systems. It's essential to gather continuous feedback to ensure the system aligns with our evolving culture.
  • The Importance of Trust and Openness: Rather than getting bogged down in the "how", consider the "why". This perspective can transform our approach and deepen understanding and empathy in conversations about challenging topics like salary adjustments or performance outcomes.

Thank you for joining and being a part of this circle, andrei, guzman, agoes, andrian, connor, leo, sarah, donna, stephanie, shefali, joshua, jason, efarina.

Curious about setting up a performance management system that scales with your culture? We’d love to hear your thoughts, experiences, and join future events.

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