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C&B Benchmarking for SEA Startups

Our March community event was a deep-dive into the complexities of C&B benchmarking within Southeast Asia's startup ecosystem. 🌟

Thank you to our speakers, Bertrand Wong, Sarah Ho, and Elena Chow, for leading the conversation and for packing our session with actionable insights.

Some of our top takeaways:

💼 Weighing base pay against variable compensation is indispensable in today's economic landscape—it's all about balance and adaptability. Identifying key talent and applying various frameworks depending on the supply and demand balance is crucial to retain talent.

🌱 Recognising our key talents and implementing bespoke frameworks according to the market's supply-demand dynamics is non-negotiable to keep talent rooted.

📈 Reality check: Salary inflation has diversified salary scales significantly. Staying tuned to market standards is key. Rather than getting super precise with the numbers, finding a diverse set of data points is important.

🎯 Instead of broad-strokes benchmarking, focussing on immediate, critical roles can be much more strategic.  The two tools shared during our discussion were Pequity and Syndio to determine recommended salary increase proposals!

🔑 The foundation is made of people, not numbers. Prioritising key talent acquisition over blanket benchmarking is the game changer. Ensuring that key talent is hired as a foundation is more important than ensuring benchmarked salaries across the board from the get go

To all those who joined us, we hope you found the discourse enriching and left with new perspectives to refine your company's C&B strategy.

We’ll see you again soon!

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