The NewCampus 2020 Vision

January 3, 2020

A sneak peek into where we are heading as a company in the new year

The holiday season is here, which hopefully means we were all able to spend some quality time with family and friends.

But this time of the year tends to bring about a dose of healthy reflection and moving into the final few moments in this decade, it's hard not to think about the bigger picture. You've grown a lot in the past ten years - no doubt - you've learned new things, and you've evolved. You're practising mindfulness, you're questioning the tech juggernaut’s data intentions, and you're trying your best to eat plant-based. 

But where to from here? 

The journey into 2020

We were struck by Aziz Ansari's Netflix special a few months back, where he addresses his misconduct accusations and questionable stand-up segments from the not-so-distant past. Not to excuse himself, he concludes, "you can't judge everything by 2019 standards". 

And that's exactly it - it's about having 2019 standards. Having 2019 standards understands there will be 2020 standards. Our world is experiencing an unprecedented acceleration in technology, information and culture change - how do we adjust and adapt our understanding, perspectives and skills with our available resources? In the wise words of Pixar's upcoming movie Soul "we only have a short time on this planet" - are you satisfied with how you're spending your time?

Attendees of the FastFwd Festival in 2019 listening to a speaker

2020 plans for NewCampus

One of the things we obsess about at NewCampus is how colearners are spending their time with us. Did they learn something new? Did we challenge their assumptions? Did they meet someone interesting? Did we help them reaffirm their values? Did they grow? 

So, in 2020, we're looking to grow, and we're inviting everyone in our community along with us. Here's what you can expect:

  • All-new, all-star Curriculum Advisory Board: Our colearning community has entrusted us to introduce to them the best-in-class experts, and we want to deliver even better. We’ll be announcing a newly minted Curriculum Advisory Board to help curate the schedule of topics needed for professionals today. They are globally recognised industry leaders and influencers, helping to ensure that we keep our calendar of classes filled with relevant and emerging topics you didn’t even know you needed to know in 2020. Launching soon, watch this space to be the first to know more about our curriculum board members. 
  • Monthly themes, delivered in new formats: The world keeps changing, and so should our learning programme. We're evolving our classroom to keep up with the newsroom. Our monthly themes will be topical and relevant to conversations shaping the world in business, technology and cultural affairs. We’ll be introducing new formats that will explore the same topic from different perspectives every month. Some of the themes we are lining up: The Gen Z economy, Post-unicorns, the next of tech, The Future of Food, Fintech 3.0, Cultivating resilience and The Asian century.
  • More community events: Thought-provoking. Fun. Immersive. Intimate. Expansive. Inclusive. Whatever the flavour, we want to expand on the platforms where our community can create human connections.

NewCampus was founded to create a place for people to find a sense of belonging and becoming. As the world around us changes, our collective future will depend on evolving ourselves, our organisations and our communities. 

If you haven't already, I hope you'll give NewCampus a shot in the new year to hear from other smart people, learn, and engage in civil discussion. 

We hope you're just as excited as we are about the year ahead. Send suggestions, comments, or life lessons to us


Will Fan & Fei Yao

Founders, NewCampus


We hope you're just as excited as we are about the year ahead. Send suggestions, comments, or any life lessons to us If you wish to be a lifelong learner, sign up for the NewCampus membership.