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Design a Custom L&D Programme

Choose from any of our 12 training modules to design a custom Learning & Development programme for your organisation.

How It Works

week 1


We'll work together to identify the managers who will benefit from this programme.
week 2


NC will speak with 2-3 learners to understand their challenges so that we may tailor our content to them.
week 3


All learners will submit their profiles for our sprint coaches to get to know them.
week 4


Delivery of the 4-week sprint programme.
week 5


NewCampus will share findings and analysis in a report.

What’s Included

Competency Gap Analysis

Through our pre-programme interviews, we zoom in to identify how competency gaps manifest into barriers to business performance.

Performance Observations

We observe and share with you data points that enable you to benchmark how individual problems solve in real-time.

Skills Transfer

We focus only on what's useful to work tasks and performance.

Competency Assessment

Each learner that goes through a NewCampus programme will be supported with the Transformation Tracker.
programme features

The Transformation Tracker

The Transformation Tracker requires at least 2 inputs, the first from the learner, and the second from either a direct report or manager that the learner works closely with.

Our Programmes


Management Essentials

This 4-week sprint teaches high-performers how to manage up, down, and across teams amidst an increasingly complex business environment.
Programme Modules
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Leadership Essentials

This 4-week cohort-based programme is designed for senior managers who want to be more intentional in building an environment for growth within their teams.

Stakeholder Essentials

This programme is a 4-week sprint providing the necessary skills to manage upwards, work cross-functionally and ensure buy-in from the decision-makers in their organisations.
Programme Modules