NewCampus partners with WeWork; opens colearning spaces in Singapore

We are reinventing the education experience by making learning fit with busy lifestyles.

As a global edtech startup, NewCampus (formerly QLC) is always on the lookout for new paths to explore. From partnering with universities to collaborating with the Dubai Government, we have tried it all. Our focus throughout has been on to empower the pursuit of non-traditional career paths and nurture the lifelong learner in you.

Last year we participated in the Future of Work technology sprint  – a collaboration between Mercer and WeWork Labs – partnering startups focusing exclusively on future of work technology services.

The result was designing our learning experience within WeWork venues to open up colearning spaces around the world. We were excited!

WeWork is the world’s largest coworking provider. While we had built a global community of 12,000 over the years, partnering with them would help us grow further.

So, I am happy to announce that NewCampus, in partnership with WeWork, is all set to open the first colearning space in Singapore this year.

We’re reinventing the education experience by making learning fit with busy lifestyles. It’s a gym membership for your mind to level-up every day. The NewCampus learning experience includes bite-sized daily classes live-streamed to small groups of learners. They focus on the most important skills and topics driving the world today. We have an international network of 500 world-class entrepreneurs and experts, from LinkedIn, Airbnb, 500 startups, SOSVs networks, etc., vetted and trained to be instructors and mentors.

Bite-sized classes in small groups for a social learning experience

What we offer at NewCampus is a one-of-a-kind social learning experience. Colearners can interact with changemakers, ideas and technologies as a community. We’ve been experimenting on the best engaging learning experience to keep people informed in a rapidly changing world. People struggle to finish online courses. So, we’ve designed an experience to keep them coming back. We know it has to be both valuable and fun. This is what it looks like.

We're excited to work with Adrian Tan and his team to launch a pipeline of colearning spaces in their inspiring locations across Singapore, New York, Bangkok and beyond. Our Singapore campus opens next month and applications are now open.

Lifelong learning is for everyone. It is crucial for professional and future success. We, at NewCampus, are working harder than ever to ensure more and more people recognize the need to always be learning.


The NewCampus experience is designed for busy professionals and innovation enthusiasts in all career stages.  Interested?  Apply online here.

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