Dubai Future Accelerators with NewCampus

Changing the future of cities and modern leadership

The best entrepreneurs turn innovative ideas into current realities.

Last December, we concluded the Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA) programme, initiated by the Dubai Future Foundation. The programme gathers the world’s top startups and entrepreneurs to launch innovative products and services on a city-wide scale in Dubai.

We’re honoured to have been able to support the 7th cohort of global founders with our remote workshops on leadership, team management and business innovation. 

It was rewarding to see companies early startups from the region find NewCampus leadership workshops valuable in supporting their business growth.

Going forward, 27 companies across 16 countries are partnering with the Dubai government, galvanised to tackle key challenges of the future—such as transport, public health and security.

We’re looking forward to following their achievements this year, as they create long-lasting impact in the UAE and beyond!

To find out more how you can upskill your team or yourself, visit our NewCampus for Business page here.

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Dubai Future Accelerators with NewCampus

Changing the future of cities and modern leadership

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