Everything you wanted to know about the NewCampus classes

A complete guide on what our classes are, how to book one and more!

In February of 2019, NewCampus made an entry into Singapore to open colearning spaces in the Central Business District. We host daily discussion-led classes, hosted by virtual instructors, delivered in inspiring offline classrooms.

But what ARE these classes? How can you attend one? We have many people emailing us and pinging us on social media inquiring on these lines.

Here’s the whole breakdown to help the curious with some answers.

What are NewCampus classes?

NewCampus helps you stay relevant and curious in our ever-changing world. We create lifelong learners through discussion-led classes, workshops and unique offline community events.

When we say classes, we do not host them in front of a blackboard with clouds of chalk dust! Our classes are unique experiences. You and a community of colearners gather at our lovely colearning campuses. You then connect digitally with instructors who are industry experts from around the world in a dialogue or workshop.

What types/formats of classes do we host?

Backed by our learning ethos, we have identified three curriculum pillars that act as guiding light to our classes. Our curriculum is a work-in-progress, attuned to the future of learning. We further update our curriculum based on a collaborative relationship with our colearners and communities. So, our classes will reflect the changing times and user interests.

Our current class formats include:


Dialogues are usually hour-long interactive sessions on a selected topic. Each dialogue begins with a short presentation by the instructor followed by an open discussion to share ideas and opinions. The dialogues at NewCampus introduce or further acquaint you to a topic. Through discovery, discussion and debate, you unlock new perspectives. Each dialogue arms you with more knowledge and curiosity.

A dialogue in progress


Our workshops help you engage with a subject holistically. Whether it is to get you up-skilled or get your hands dirty to create something, each workshop lasts an hour and a half and comprises group exercises, feedback sessions and case studies. Think post-it notes, building prototypes, and getting creative. You’ll learn to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but will emerge with a set of new skills to boot!

Our workshops are interactive, fun and hands-on

What you can expect at each class

Learning that fits schedules and your life

Our after-hours classes are convenient even for those who complain of busy lives. And you get access to our holistic curated curriculum. Your learning will adapt to the changing world and gift you with a competitive advantage. No more struggle to complete online courses!

Global Experts

No matter where they are, you connect with international experts who are driving the change.

Small class size

To keep it cosy, ensure quality discussions and engagement, we cap our class attendance at 11 people.

Conveniently located

Our classes take place in inspiring rooms at one of our coworking space partners located in the CBD.

A NewCampus classroom

How can you attend a class?

NewCampus is a multi-format learning club. If you have subscribed to a NewCampus colearning membership, you will be able to book and join any upcoming class of your choice.

You can sign-up here for our membership and check out our upcoming class schedule here.

What does a NewCampus membership entail?

At the FastFwd Festival, a NewCampus x WeWork Labs event

Making learning a habit, every NewCampus membership offers a whole bunch of things:

Daily classes

You receive access to our daily classes hosted by industry experts.

Networking and social events

Apart from our usual dose of classes, we host exclusive members-only in-person events. We also conduct open houses, social nights (check out our fun Game of Thrones screening nights!), film festivals, learning festivals, etc. As members, you get to be a part of these.

Prep you to be future-ready

We inculcate a lifelong learning mindset and our curriculum evolves with the changing world. This helps you future-proof your career and have a competitive edge.

A learning community

Interact with other colearners and build your local network and stay accountable to learning. Connect with industry leaders digitally and expand your professional network.

Other perks

We love collaborating with the best coworking spaces around town. Additionally, we also collaborate with brands and offer personal and professional perks to help shape a better you.

Speed networking at the FastFwd Festival, hosted by NewCampus x WeWork Labs

How do you book a class?

Once you have signed up and paid for the NewCampus membership, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours. This will have a link to our booking platform with your login details.

Based on your membership plan, you will be able to book a certain number of classes. So, explore our upcoming classes and save yourself a spot. Once you have booked a class, you should receive a booking confirmation email.

NewCampus believes in holistic learning. So, 24 hours before your scheduled class, we send a pre-class email with supplementary readings and added info! Don’t forget to use this as prep material for your class.

What happens during a class?

Like we mentioned before, each class has not more than 11 people to keep it cosy, intimate and engaged. We advise colearners to arrive 10–15 minutes before class to get themselves refreshed and connect informally with other colearners.

Once the class begins, the Class Host virtually dials-in through our seamless technology. The colearners sit around the table, participating in the session and absorbing new learnings. We encourage back-and-forth discussions to keep you on your toes and to invite new perspectives. A NewCampus curator will be present in class to help guide the session.

Post the session, colearners usually hang around for informal catch-ups, post-class feedback and discussions.


We often say that our classes are intimate in size but bountiful in learning! Each class tries to fulfil the learning gap that we all face post-school and college. Which is why we have designed the NewCampus classes to fit seamlessly into your lives and schedules — with an evolving curriculum hosted by global industry experts after-hours at easily accessible colearning space.

We hope that this gives you a complete picture of what our classes are about. If we’ve missed out anything, feel free to holler on hey@newcampus.co. And if you are ready to begin your journey of lifelong learning with NewCampus, sign up for our membership here.

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