The backbone of NewCampus: our community

How we are building a learning ecosystem instead of just “a business model” at NewCampus

You’ve probably heard the age-old saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”, but here at NewCampus, we believe that it takes a community to raise a startup.

Some startups are motivated by their product, or their growth and don’t get me wrong, so are we! But one of the most crucial things that get us motivated to keep going is our community. Over the past 4 years, we have successfully cultivated a community of over 12,000 colearners in over 40 countries. But out of those 12,000, we discovered 1,500 of them in a little under 6 months in Dubai — our first colearning campus. And now we are all set to launch in February in Singapore!

As Head of Community and Engagement at NewCampus, I’ve never felt more connected to our community than during my time in Dubai. I got the chance to engage and interact with them in person, which allowed me to form a deeper connection with them.

teaching a class to the NewCampus colearners on the “Power of Storytelling”Kat Kinsella

When I use the term “community”, not only am I talking about our colearners, but also our instructors, and even our team members! More than just a community, I’d like to think of all of us as an ecosystem where we help each other to grow, evolve and always be learning.

By being a part of the NewCampus community, you feel that you are a part of something important and that ultimately, you belong. Our community is made up of a wide range of people — visionaries, creative minds, and hustlers, allowing us to foster new friendships, discover new opportunities and find our own footing.

“The community of colearners at NewCampus embody its ethos of lifelong learning and have helped me embrace this philosophy in its truest sense. Each member is a narrative in the making and it is through their stories that you are inspired to connect, reflect and move toward pursuing passion with providence “— Sheena Mozaffar, colearner

But it doesn’t stop there. For the colearners to truly feel like a valuable member of our community, their experience with our brand has to transcend our product and it’s offerings. At NewCampus, we host daily immersive classes taught by world-class instructors. This means that our colearners are giving up time in their day to learn with us and from us. Since July, we’ve seen the attendance for our classes double and triple over time, likewise with the level of interaction among each other. But the most profound thing about this is that they come for the class, but they stay for the community.

Our colearners engaging in conversation amongst themselves
“The most valuable thing in life is time; it’s irreplaceable and once spent, no refunds. I socialized in an international crowd, made new friends and learnt about many global innovations which I never would have if it wasn’t for my time (well) spent with NewCampus’s growing community” — Awaise Alvi, colearner

It’s also just as important, if not more, to keep the colearners engaged. Our classes embody the idea of learning in bite-sized doses, but that doesn’t mean the learning can’t continue outside of classes. Whether we keep them on top of the latest trends through our weekly educational newsletters, or meet up with them for coffee if we happen to be in the same country, each little step goes a long way.

At NewCampus, we value our community members highly because anyone maybe able to imitate your product or your brand, but no one will ever be able to replicate your community.

“NewCampus is the community where magic happens! I love being a part of this community where I get the best knowledge, advice and vast support from the team and my fellow colearners” — Farrukh Mirkhamidov, Colearner

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The backbone of NewCampus: our community

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