Introducing NewCampus Learning Tracks

Learn vital skills for tomorrow in a series of curated leadership workshops.

As 2020 has shown, we’re living in an era where disruption—be it technological, environmental or economical—is always just around the corner, and the need for developing capable leaders to rise to the challenges of uncertainty and upheaval has become more important than ever.

That is why we are excited to announce that theNewCampus Learning Tracks will be open to our colearners. Starting 18 Dec 2020, we’re opening registrations for a series of live, virtual and interactive workshops and mentoring sessions, aimed at equipping you the skills needed to become a future leader.

What are NewCampus Learning Tracks?

Drawing on current research on leadership development and industry insights, we’ve designed the first batch of NewCampus’s Learning Tracks to consist of six series of workshops.

Each series, or Learning Track, homes in on specific power skills—such as critical thinking and creativity, communication, and adaptability—that are key to effective leadership.

Through experiential learning, colearners will learn how to apply proven mental models and leadership frameworks in the tracks: 

  • Track 1: Communicate with Clarity —  7 out of 10 employees believe their leaders don’t communicate their goals and plans enough. This track helps you communicate your truth as a leader, be more confident in your delivery, become a more empathetic listener and work effectively in cross-cultural environments.
  • Track 2: Persuasion — Strong persuasive skills are key to win over the hearts and minds of your stakeholders. It is also essential to inspiring your team with your leadership vision. This track helps you inspire and create change through persuasive storytelling, gain stakeholder buy-in for projects, and negotiate effectively in any situation.
  • Track 3: Manage Cross-Functional Teams — Poorly managed cross-functional teams collaborate ineffectively, produce subpar outcomes and don’t have trust in their leaders. This learning track helps you with skills in relationship-building and interpersonal skills to tactfully navigate tough conversations, give and receive candid feedback and collaborate effectively.
  • Track 4: Emotional Intelligence — Highly emotionally intelligent people make productive and resilient leaders as they are aware of how others and themselves behave, and can use that to maximise the strengths of others. This learning track helps you strengthen your emotional intelligence for deeper self-awareness, uncover hidden biases and mental blocks, and lead resiliently in the face of uncertainty.
  • Track 5: Solve Complex Problems — In a time of constant change and uncertainty, leaders need to hone their ability to think and learn quickly from new information, systems and processes. This learning track helps you to solve complex problems creatively, develop a growth mindset, and test new ideas with an entrepreneurial hat.
  • Track 6: Perform Under Uncertainty — Effective leaders constantly get thrown into challenging situations they’ve never faced before, but they are able to perform and stretch themselves to achieve their goals. This learning track helps you to strategise your future, prioritise your time, and improve your decision-making skills to achieve your goals.

Who will my instructors be?

You can expect to learn from a curated group of entrepreneurs and business leaders (from high-performance companies such as Netflix, 500 Startups, and Gojek) who will share their insights, experiments and experiences that enabled them to lead their teams to success.

How do I know if this is for me?

At NewCampus, we fully believe everyone has the capacity to lead. Whether you’re a manager, individual contributor or simply someone who aspires to create change in your community or organisation, developing the power skills delivered in these Learning Tracks will empower you toward your future goals.

I’m interested. How can I sign up?

Great! You can sign up for the NewCampus Learning Tracks by filling this form here and choose your path based on your objectives.


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