Everything about becoming a NewCampus Class Host

Why and how someone can join as a Class Host and help us build our learning ecosystem

NewCampus is a lifelong learning school. In this constantly changing world, we are creating a learning ecosystem that helps people stay tuned to the times. The important parts of this ecosystem are — the campus, the curriculum, the classes, and the community. (comprising Class Hosts and colearners).

And in this post, we are going to understand who are Class Hosts and how can you become a NewCampus Class Host?

Who is a NewCampus Class Host?

NewCampus Class Hosts are vessels of knowledge. They help colearners journey through and understand the changing world. They help us create our evolving curriculum. Our Class Hosts are leaders from global companies that are driving the change like Ideo, Amazon, Tencent, WeWork, Salesforce, Airbnb. They are some of the best and brightest, the most inspirational, and those making big waves in their industries.

Our classes are virtually streamed, thereby breaking free from all geographical constraints. No matter where the Class Hosts live or work, all we need is a strong WiFi connection! This ensures that we get the best global talent and offer the best learning possible for our colearners.

Why should someone become a NewCampus Class Host?

You might be wondering why people at the top of their careers even want to teach at NewCampus. There are many reasons. We have covered this in detail in this blog post, but here’s a quick overview:

Inspire next-generation learning

As a NewCampus Class Host, you get to define the future of learning. You share your expertise and knowledge with people excited by change and help influence their ideologies, perspectives and even careers!

Gain a deeper understanding of your subject matter

Gary L. Francione rightly said that “in order to be a teacher you’ve got to be a student first.” When you teach, you continue to dig deeper into your subject to remain up-to-date and clarify questions that may arise. This helps you gain a holistic understanding of the subject.

Become a recognised thought leader in your field

When you teach and share your knowledge with others, you gain more and more respect as a subject matter expert. It opens many more avenues in your career as a speaker, writer, teaching faculty, etc. It helps build your reputation and deems you an authority in the field.

Join a global community of like-minded experts

The NewCampus community is built of people excited by change. When you become a Class Host, you get access to colearners and other NewCampus Class Hosts as driven as you. You become a part of a global learning ecosystem that is redefining the state of the future.

Get paid to teach

We value what you have to offer and believe that the exchange of knowledge needs to be honoured monetarily. So for each class you deliver, you get compensated. But the real benefit is the fact that you are driving change, shaping learning and are a part of a global community of lifelong learners. Additionally, we believe in a circular knowledge economy, so you’ll get to join classes as a colearner at any of our campuses.

Cultivate a lifelong learning mindset in self and others

As a teacher, you impart the lifelong learning mindset on the colearners and upon yourself. This growth mindset helps you stay curious, open-minded and evolving with the times.

Who can be a Class Host?

At NewCampus, we are making learning a habit. So, it is crucial that our list of Class Hosts can offer the best possible learning experience.

We are always onboarding new Class Hosts to keep pace with emerging technologies, developments and changes in the world’s landscape. Our eligibility criteria are quite straightforward — we’re looking for those who are passionate and have deep knowledge about what they do.

You don’t need to be a master of everything! All we need is that you are thorough in your subject and are an expert at it. More than anything else, we need people with the willingness to share that knowledge with others.

Some of our Class Hosts are first-time teachers and public speakers. But since there is a lot of teaching and interaction involved, we work closely with them every step of the way. So, even if you don’t have any training of hosting an online webinar or conducting a live workshop, don’t sweat it!

Our classes are guided by two things — our learning ethos and our curriculum pillars. These are still works-in-progress that evolve with the changes impacting our world. So, as long as your subject is based on these, we would love to take a look at the class you have in mind! We love diversity and have on-boarded Class Hosts from all kinds of backgrounds — journalists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, consultants, etc. But, the one thing in common between all of us is our shared belief in lifelong learning.

How can you become a NewCampus Class Host?

All potential Class Hosts first register interest in this form. The form collects your basic contact details and asks some questions. It acts as your short statement of purpose in becoming a class host.


We want to understand your reasons for applying to be a Class Host with us. We want to help you identify the subjects that you want to teach about. Most importantly, we want to know why you are the best person to throw light on that subject.

Once you have submitted the form, we carefully vet your strengths and subjects and make a selection. If selected, we begin our Class Host on-boarding process.

The onboarding process helps you decide on your final class topic, understand the NewCampus class format, adhere to brand guidelines, and get more insights into how we are building a lifelong learning school.

The whole process helps us build deeper relationships with Class Hosts and ensure that our brand vision is translated into each and every class.

How does each class pan out?

Our Class Hosts bring unique insights and knowledge to the table from anywhere in the world by teaching live classes at NewCampus. But how does every class work?

Our classes are where the magic happens. Each class is live-streamed and the Class Host connects virtually with a small group of 10–12 colearners who gather at a beautiful and intimate learning space. Classes are usually between 60 to 90 minutes in length.

This ensures that the sharing of the knowledge happens with the highest impact with the best possible interaction, attention, engagement and cosiness.

Our Class Hosts are our partners in learning and we are always on the lookout for global leaders, change-makers and learning enthusiasts to help us build this ecosystem of learning.


Have more questions about hosting a class? Write to us at hey@newcampus.co. To register your interest to become a NewCampus Class Host, drop a message to Lily here.

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