Newsletter #82 - Vaccine passports

Is Asia ready to implement vaccine passports?

Welcome aboard, this is your captain speaking. This week, we take a look at Asia's tourism sector and how countries and companies (like Klook and AirAsia) in the region are managing and adapting to risks.

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🛫 How Asia's tourism can make a comeback


Travel in a Covid-19-vaccinated world [TTG Asia]

Recovery via vaccine rollouts - With APAC showing signs of a modest recovery in the first half of 2021, scaling up vaccination in SE Asia will be critical for maintaining that recovery.

Travel links in APAC - Singapore expects 80% of its population to be vaccinated by September, and are looking at travel corridors with low-risk countries. Phuket’s sandbox scheme is also an encouraging sign of rebound.


Klook boosts staycation experiences with livestream shopping [Forbes]

The pivot - Travel booking platform Klook is learning from the likes of Chinese retail giants like Alibaba and developed its own live streaming service, called Klook Live!, to directly connect local homestay providers with Klook’s wider audience.

Meeting needs of local markets - While millennials are the bulk of Klook’s consumers, older folks who crave one-to-one interaction are also satisfied through the interactive nature of the livestream, leading Klook Live! to see double the conversion in sales vs. what it had on Facebook Live.


Vaccine passports within reach, but other issues must be addressed [CNA]

Digital passports - Vaccine verification isn’t exactly new, although digital alternatives will be a world’s first, and it’s being backed by countries in the EU and in Asia, such as Japan, Singapore and Thailand.

But other issues come first - Global vaccination passports need international cooperation and uniform regulation to make travel feel frictionless. It also needs robust technology (such as blockchain) to protect personal and private data against threats like ransomware.

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