Newsletter #77 - Billionaire space race

What the billionaire space race means for rest of us

  • Sending billionaires to space: just for vanity?
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👨‍🚀 The space race: for the rich only?

  • Billionaires blast off into space - In the past week, both Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin group, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos went to space. Apart from being costly joy rides, these flights mark a major achievement for pushing the private space industry.  [Aljazeera, Global Times]
  • Dreams of low-cost space travel - For now, space tourism is controlled by billionaire cash, but private companies are working to make space travel affordable for the masses. Texas-based Axiom Space has plans to build a private space station with private rides on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsules. In Japan, government and private companies unveiled plans for intercontinental flight using rocket technology. [The Verge]
  • Impact of space tech, good & bad - Many everyday things we use—from wireless earbuds to smartphones—are products of space research, and space programmes around the world have benefited us in other ways. However, experts are raising concerns about the space race fuelling pollution. [The Guardian]
  • ASEAN in orbit for the long haul - The space race isn’t just for the rich. SE Asian countries have been using space tech in areas of disaster management, agriculture and tourism as early as the 1960s. Today, ASEAN’s space programmes have been able to launch various microsatellites into space, forming a “super-constellation” of nine ASEAN countries that help clear space debris, avert food crises, and more. [ASEAN Today]

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