Newsletter #70 - Diversity and inclusion

Only 58% of SEA companies have DEI programmes. Why?

  • How to create diverse and inclusive companies
  • Happy Pride Month! Celebrations and activities
  • Power skills that new managers need
  • NC team picks: Future of retail - Google report 2021

✊ Why diversity, equity and inclusion matters  

  • Studies show diverse teams are smarter, more innovative and objective. Most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform financially. [HBR, McKinsey]
  • But in Southeast Asia, DEI efforts are still in their nascent stages—only 58% of SEA companies report having DEI programmes, while the global average is 96%. More leaders need to demonstrate their support for DEI by speaking about it publicly and by establishing company policies that foster inclusion. [Google, BCG]
  • Even if remote companies begin to hire for diversity, it’s even more crucial to give individuals a genuine sense of community and belonging and coach remote managers on how to do that. [Workplaceless, Forbes]
  • To get the best results from diversity training in your company, experts recommend making diversity training face-to-face, mandatory, and have a post-training plan in place. [The Conversation]

🏳️‍🌈 Celebrating Pride Month: Being LGBTQ at work

  • Happy Pride Month! In June, we're celebrating LGBTQ+ communities and supporting the fight for equality and universal human rights.
  • Although society has made many strides in queer acceptance and visibility, coming out at work is still a monumental—and sometimes risky—task for many LGBTQ workers. [BBC]
  • Despite promises of building more equitable workplaces, the newest Diversity and Inclusion report from Glassdoor shows the reality is still far off—especially for LGBTQ+ employees who report less satisfaction at work. [AXIOS]

🙌 Pride Month events and activities

  • Kick off the Pride season with LGBTQ+–friendly content from your favourite streaming services, with recommendations from Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Attend virtual events at Pink Fest, a festival organised by a steering committee of LGBTQ and allies from different industries.
  • Be inspired to drive positive change when you stream Spotify’s Pride playlist featuring LGBTQ+ artists and allies.

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