How Leaders Should Think (and Act) to Manage Burnout

June 28, 2023

We invited Caroline Campbell from StackAdapt for NewCampus' Alumni event, Office Hours

We invited Caroline Campbell, Vice President of Sales at StackAdapt and member of the Board of Directors for APAC, join us for Office Hours.

Burnout is a pressing issue in today's fast-paced startup culture. The demands and pressures placed on individuals within these organizations can lead to exhaustion, decreased productivity, and ultimately, burnout. In order to effectively address and manage burnout, leaders must think critically and act proactively.

In our alumni community event called Office Hours, we were joined by Caroline Campbell, Vice President of Sales & Member of the Board of Directors, APAC at StackAdapt, who shared with us her first-hand experience and plan of action for managing burnout in a hypergrowth company. Burnout is a complex and layered topic and we were able to scratch the surface in a concise 30 minutes.

Here are Caroline’s top 3 tips on managing burnout that you can start practicing right away:
  • Discuss with your managers what your office hours are and draw a boundary assertively.
  • Try and keep your meetings a bit shorter and carve out a 5 min breather for yourself between them - it goes a long way.
  • Do an activity that helps you relax in those breaks, and remember that relaxation looks different for everyone! You do you.

Managing burnout in a startup requires leaders to think critically and act proactively. By recognizing the complexity of burnout and understanding its underlying causes, leaders can develop targeted strategies to address the issue. Setting boundaries, prioritizing well-being, optimizing meeting management, and providing breaks are all critical steps that leaders can take to promote a healthier work environment.

However, it is important to remember that addressing burnout is an ongoing process. Leaders should regularly reassess their strategies, listen to feedback from team members, and adapt their approaches accordingly.

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