Co-creating Our Curriculum with Regional Experts

September 22, 2023

A key part of working together to create curriculum with local experts is the important role of content advisors. These advisors don't have to create content frameworks from the beginning; instead, they provide valuable insights based on their experiences working in fast-growing companies in Asia.

The experiences of experts are used to create useful and practical learning materials. Here is how our learning team works with experts to develop our curriculum.

The value of personal experience

One important part of working together to create curriculum with local experts is the focus on personal experiences. We encourage content advisors to share their own special moments and the challenges they faced in their careers. These experiences are valuable resources for learning.

For example, we have a content advisor who shares a memorable moment during a leadership event, like a meeting with senior stakeholders.

This personal experience is a great example of a valuable learning moment. It's not just about facts and events, but also about the emotions involved. By exploring the advisor's emotions, our learning team can make the content more relatable to learners. We not only gain an understanding of the situation, but also insights into the advisor's thinking and emotional reactions.

It’s about growth

In addition to relatable content, the personal experiences shared by content advisors show how they have grown both professionally and personally. Their ability to recognize the difference between their past selves and their current leadership roles is a clear sign of their continuous development.

Including these success stories in the curriculum highlights the ever-changing nature of learning. It motivates learners to see their own experiences as chances for growth and change. It also emphasizes that learning is an ongoing process, and individuals can develop into better leaders and professionals with time.

Collaborating with local experts to create a curriculum gives a strong alternative to traditional education methods. By leveraging the knowledge of advisors who are deeply knowledgeable in their fields, educators can create content that is both relevant and enriched with real-life experiences and lessons. This teamwork approach makes sure that learners are well-prepared to handle the challenges of today's professional world, equipped with useful knowledge and a dedication to continuous growth.

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