A Deep Dive into Illustrating Our Learning Experience

August 9, 2023

More than just an eye candy

Why do we use animals and bright colors in our visuals? It’s to create a connection.

Our visuals reflect the unique qualities of our learners. Everyone is welcome in our community.

Collaborative process: where magic happens

Imagine a blank canvas that's going to be turned into a piece of art that's not only interesting to look at but also sparks creativity. That's where our skilled illustrator comes in, adding a special touch to our educational resources.

We admire @salmonphan and his brushstrokes. Simon also shared a nugget of wisdom through his account: "Culture isn't shaped by what we preach, but what behaviours we're willing to tolerate 🐛🦋✨".

The images go through a meticulous editing process, where each detail is refined to resonate with our learners. We collaborate through a Slack group where the NewCampus team brainstorms, exchanges ideas, and ensures every aspect aligns with our vision.

Beyond the canvas: purpose and connection

Our visuals are an integral part of your learning experience. They help you understand complex concepts, spark curiosity, and connect you with the broader NewCampus ecosystem. Whether you're exploring a new module, diving into an interactive workshop, or immersing yourself in thought-provoking discussions, our visuals are there to guide you every step of the way.

The colors we use are thoughtfully chosen to evoke emotions, stoke creativity, and make the learning experience exhilarating. From soothing purple to invigorating reds, each shade adds another layer to the story we're weaving.

Be open to new experiences

As you explore more, know that every detail serves a purpose - to make your learning experience special and unforgettable. Let's keep learning together. Click here to find more resources.