Here are some daily mindful actions to help you become a better leader

September 20, 2019

Easy practices to set intention and calmness into your routines and build mindful leadership

As a leader, you want to be ready for anything because no day is the same. You need to lead by example, give directions and be ready to put out any fires that might come your way.

Being a leader comes with the occupational hazard of facing a lot of pressure. Often, you end up frazzled navigating your own emotions as you try to balance your personal time, your work and your family.

You are expected to show empathy for others and even if you do your best and juggle so many things at once, you might still feel you are not doing enough or question your thoughts or the decisions you took.

But let’s face it–challenges won’t stop coming overnight. But cultivating a mindfulness practice might just be what has been missing in your routine this whole time.

So, what is mindfulness exactly?

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention to the moment. We learn to bring ourselves back to what is happening right now through various techniques or focus and awareness. Observing the ins and outs of our breathing, practicing non-judgment, and reconnecting to one's emotion and physical sensations through simple meditation or body scan techniques are one among many ways of practicing this. Mindfulness helps us feel more grounded, relaxed and gain tools that will help us navigate the ebbs and flow of life without always being caught up in our head scenarios of the past and future, but rather fully present in the multi-layers of each moment as they unfold.

Mindfulness might make your day-to-day better in many unique ways. But cultivating self-awareness, focus and an ability to let go with kindness when facing adversity will make you feel more at ease with yourself and allow you to shine as a leader.

Here are three easy mindful practices to start your journey:

Create a morning ritual

Journaling can help you plan your day and let go of the many troubles weighing you down

Most of you might have heard of the infamous 5 am mornings that successful people follow. But let’s start small! Build an intentional morning ritual that will truly allow you to tune in with yourself, feel clear and calm before you serve others

As a leader, you give a lot of your energy to others. By choosing yourself in the morning, you might experience a deeper sense of calm, feel less overwhelmed and get away from the illusion that there is not enough time in a day.

This morning ritual could include eating a healthy breakfast, drinking coffee or tea, doing an intentional 5-minute meditation, practising a sport or even journaling. It could even mean taking the time to shower with your favourite music playlist!

Don’t look outside for this and ask yourself instead: What can I do every morning to prioritize myself and give myself space?

Mindfulness is an intentional practice and by giving yourself space and time to just enjoy the moment, you will already have a big impact on your overall well being.


Mindful meditation will help you build strength and calm

Make your daily meditation a non-negotiable, even if it is only 2 minutes. Meditation is not a race, but a long long journey. Do not neglect the power of a short 2-minute practice every day of sitting with your eyes closed. It is enough to build a strong meditation practice and you won’t be able to rely on the excuse ‘’I don’t have time’’ anymore.

Connect with nature

Take a break and go for a walk to rejuvenate

Nature is a wise teacher and by paying attention to the wind, our footsteps or the birds chirping, you will practice opening your heart to your surroundings. Yes, this sounds simple. But in some of these simple things lies the most potent energy.

Taking a nature break will help you slow down and even become more compassionate. You will observe the beauty in all the little things. If you can’t access nature easily, try taking a mindful walk to work!

Start today intentionally bringing one change in your life. Every minute of mindful attention can lead to a lifetime of bliss. Truly, if you cultivate more compassion, resilience, self-love and calm, you will stand out as a leader and be ready to tackle any big obstacles that might come your way with ease. One mindful step at a time.



About Marjolaine Savoie

Marjolaine Savoie founded Morning Marjolaine,  where she infuses mindfulness, mindset work and yoga into business, to share joy and her love for mornings with spiritual and creative women entrepreneurs of the world daily. Marjolaine provides transformative online courses, hosts international yoga retreats, and offers coaching sessions tailored exclusively for female business owners to help ease stress and reinstate creativity and confidence as they build their profitable personal brand and service-based empire. In a world full of noise and chaotic energy, Marjolaine advocates ease. On her podcast Live Mindfully and through her social platforms, she encourages women to slow down, embrace their wild and inner (confident) goddess and act in accordance with their true purpose in life. As a matless-yoga enthusiast, Marjolaine believes in embracing the smoothness of the floor so you can practice yoga anywhere — hence her stunning photos on hardwood floors and beaches. In her spare time she enjoys walking barefoot, drinking coffee, or moonlighting as a singer.


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