All Ears: The best podcasts to listen to: Part 1

December 20, 2019

Navigate the podcast maze with our customised recommendations

When it comes to learning, there is no one right way or one true source to learn from. Anything can help you look at the world through a new lens. One of the ways that has caught the fancy of millennials and the wise old baby boomers alike is the podcast. 

A portmanteau of iPod and broadcast, the idea of a podcast, or episodic digital audio began in Feb 2004 when BBC journalist Ben Hammersley wrote about the new technology rising in popularity. The word caught on and soon, the audio-blogging community embraced the word and it was here to stay. 

From then till now, the world of podcasts has been inundated with content. So where does one even begin? To help you navigate the maze that is the podcast world, we have gathered the best and most interesting ones that you can tune in to. We promise not just plenty of learning, but a lot of fun listening. 

Science and the world

WSJ’s The Future of Everything

From eating insects for health to DNA tests and tech, this podcast covers the entire gamut of science and technology and how it is disrupting the world by bringing the brightest minds as guests. If you want to keep a close tab on how the way we live, work and play is evolving, subscribe to this podcast hosted by Jennifer Strong.

Making Sense with Sam Harris

Best-selling author, neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris digs deep into the aspects of the human mind, society and current events in this podcast. Rated as iTunes’ Best of 2015, the podcast explores a range of themes including culture, addiction, psychedelic science, mindfulness, and more. 


Exploring “the intersection of technology, humanity, and identity”, host Claire L. Evans brings on board experts from various fields to help us understand the way the world changes and how we view our own identity amidst all the changes.

Hidden Brain

Yet another NPR podcast, this one is hosted by Shankar Vedantam and deconstructs subconscious behaviour to understand patterns, choices, biases that direct our lives and relationships. This podcast helps quench your curiosity using science and storytelling. 

The Anthropocene Reviewed

 Hosted by best-selling author, John Green, this podcast helps you learn fun facts about the human-centered planet. Green reviews these facets, discusses the human impact on the world and rates them on a five-star scale. In Green’s own words, he uses this platform as he was driven by a “want to pay careful and sustained attention to the world around me.”


Second Life

For the perfect way to inspire yourself every Monday, tune into the latest episode of Second Life. Hosted by Hillary Kerr, this podcast deals with career changes and how women have bravely handled this pivot. From Cindy Crawford to Nancy Silverton and Michelle Lee, the guest list boasts of the who’s-who in business and entertainment.

Ctrl Alt Delete

From The Times to ELLE and Marie Claire, they all recommend Emma Gannon’s podcast. Speaking about their relationship with the internet and their career, this award-winning podcast has had some fantastic guests including Alai de Botton, Dame Steve Shirley, Lena Dunham, Gillian Anderson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Zoella, etc. 


99% Invisible

A KALW public radio and the American Institute of Architects in San Francisco initiative, 99% Invisible helps you relook the things around you that you usually don’t notice in the field of design, architecture, history, education, society and everything around us. The highly popular podcast has over 250 million downloads.


How I built this

Guy Raz explores the story of some of the world’s greatest companies and how they were built. Produced by NPR, Guy also dives into the careers of innovators like Sara Blakely, Mark Cuban, Jim Koch, Cathy Hughes, Herb Kelleher, Richard Branson and the movements they began and their innovations.

Keep watching this space for more podcasts, videos and more that can help you keep learning anywhere and everywhere! 


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