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About Me

How would you describe your current role to a HR outsider?

Heading talent acquisition, performance management, and compensation benefit. Mostly work closely with all C levels to define strategy amd policy regarding people.

What is a common misconception about the work you do?

That HR only do payroll and lay off.

How did you get started in your HR career?

Its been always HR since my career journey back in 2001.

Describe the most impactful HR project you've personally worked on.

Lead as the change agent in General Motors Indonesia when the company was shifting from a manufacturing company into a sales company.

What is one HR/future of work trend or change you're not convinced will work for SEA startups?

Real time feedback.

What is one HR/future of work trend or change that you hope to see more of at SEA startups?

Transparency and flexible working arrangement.

What is your favourite HR resource that you would recommend to this community?

Simon Sinek and Gary Vee.

Lastly, where are you based, and where would you take friends visiting your city for the first time? 

Jakarta, will take a friend to visit kota tua!

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