Mohammad Gilang Santika
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Talent Acquisition Manager
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End-to-end recruitment process from scratch
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About Me

How would you describe your current role to a HR outsider?

I specialise in creating an operational HR form scratch and implement this end to end.

What is a common misconception about the work you do?

My work is an easy job and often describe that we can be replaced with systems.

How did you get started in your HR career?

Reality hits hard! At that time, psychological graduates only have two choices, either to pursue a masters degree or go to corporate and become an HR.

Describe the most impactful HR project you've personally worked on.

Created a recruitment footprint and end-to-end process for Bobobox and FOOM Lab Global, also established some SOPs and information details.

What is one HR/future of work trend or change you're not convinced will work for SEA startups?

Settling up the business. When you are in startup, settling is not option. We need to always make changes and always learn to improve.

What is one HR/future of work trend or change that you hope to see more of at SEA startups?

Work-life integration and more support to the family.

What is your favourite HR resource that you would recommend to this community?

Dave Ulrich! All the books and the website is good. Also, AIHR.

Lastly, where are you based, and where would you take friends visiting your city for the first time? 

Jakarta, Indonesia. I would take them to Sarinah and Kebun Raya Bogor!

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