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How would you describe your current role to a HR outsider?

I work with our Executive Leadership Team in designing and implementing the organization structure keeping in mind the long term goals. I also work with our CEO and CFO in designing competitive compensation and benefits package.

What is a common misconception about the work you do?

Some would usually think that I am not doing my job if other organizations are paying higher or benefits are greater than what they currently have. They fail to understand that when we design Compensation and Benefits, we ensure that we can afford it and it is scalable at the same time it is at par with our industry.

How did you get started in your HR career?

I have always wanted to work in HR. What is interesting is that in my journey, I get to work on specialised HR roles that helped me in my HR Business Partnership roles.

Describe the most impactful HR project you've personally worked on.

In my previous organization, we went through M&A and I was tasked to implement the HR policies and procedures integration, Compensation and Benefits harmonisation at the same time ensure that the acquired employees are engaged. Within a year, in partnership with the Leaders from both organizations, we were able to integrate but it took 2 years to manage change after several and repeated coffee sessions between employees and Leaders. The location started with the lowest score in the annual Employee Engagement Survey but a significant increase was seen after a year as the Site tripled in size after a year from acquisition.

What is one HR/future of work trend or change you're not convinced will work for SEA startups?

Full Remote HR. While some HR Functions can be done remotely, it is critical that there is face to face interactions with employees which will work in a hybrid set-up.

What is one HR/future of work trend or change that you hope to see more of at SEA startups?

The use of AI in HR would greatly help especially in ensuring we have HR data readily available at any time. I am interested to see how effectively we can use AI in data analytics.

What is your favourite HR resource that you would recommend to this community?

I don't have a favorite resource. I'm learning through my interactions with people across different industries in different roles and across cultures.

Lastly, where are you based, and where would you take friends visiting your city for the first time? 

I am currently based in the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines. There is so much to experience here so feel free to connect with me when you plan to visit, I would gladly host you and make time for you.

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