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How would you describe your current role and the biggest challenges you face?

I lead a team of 70 professionals, functioning as an internal agency for Ismaya Group, managing 21 brands. My team encompasses social media, creative, campaign, influencer, event, and PR experts. The biggest challenge we face is stakeholder and conflict management. With numerous variables and diverse communication styles, coordinating effectively and ensuring alignment can be quite complex.

What is a common misconception about the work you do?

A common misconception is that our outputs, such as creating a brand book, are quick and easy tasks. In reality, these projects require extensive creative processes, consumer insight research, and strategic planning, making them much more time-consuming and intricate than they appear.

How did you get started in your marketing career?

I began my career working for an NGO as a crowdfunding manager. My interest in marketing grew out of a desire to improve my skills in raising awareness and funds. This initial curiosity turned into a passion, and I've been dedicated to the marketing field for the past nine years.

Describe the most impactful marketing campaign/project you've personally worked on.

One of the most impactful projects I've worked on was the collaboration with NCT Dream to launch a new segment for an instant noodle brand in Indonesia. Initially targeted at moms, we aimed to expand the market by engaging a younger audience. This idea originated from a community's viral tweet in July 2020, and by January 2022, we successfully made NCT Dream brand ambassadors, significantly increasing our market share.

What is one marketing trend or change you're not convinced will work for SEA tech brands?

I'm not convinced that augmented reality (AR) will be widely adopted by SEA tech brands in the near future. While AR has potential, the high cost of development and the current limitations in user experience might hinder its widespread implementation in the region.

What is one marketing trend or change that you hope to see more of at SEA tech brands? And, why?

I hope to see more personalized and data-driven marketing strategies in SEA tech brands. Leveraging big data and AI to tailor marketing efforts to individual consumer preferences can significantly enhance engagement and conversion rates. This approach allows brands to deliver more relevant content, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What is your favourite marketing resource that you would recommend to this community? And, why?

Anything from Prof. Jonah Berger! 

Lastly, where are you based, and where would you take friends visiting your city for the first time?

I'm based in Jakarta. For first-time visitors, I would take them to explore the cool "South Jakarta" scene with bars and cafes. Also visit the vibrant culinary scene at North Jakarta with their seafood stalls and visit the historic old town of Kota Tua.

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Looking for a community?

Join a small, but mighty, meeting point for SEA startup builders and share ideas, sharpen skills and co-create with new peers across the region.