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Pioneering the HR tools transition across countries
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About Me

How would you describe your current role to a HR outsider?

I work closely with employees and management to ensure that the company's HR operations run smoothly.

What is a common misconception about the work you do?

HR people are biased and only represent the company's interests.

How did you get started in your HR career?

I started my career as a data analyst, but was given an opportunity to try out HR as there was a vacancy in my new company that time and they needed people to help interview candidates. Eventually I got involved in other HR responsibilities.

Describe the most impactful HR project you've personally worked on.

Getting involved in strengthening the company's culture through and brainstorming with the leaders of the company, pioneering the transition from manual to HR tools across our 3 countries in my previous company.

What is one HR/future of work trend or change you're not convinced will work for SEA startups?

Remote or hybrid work. I am all for this but there is resistance from traditional companies especially as it goes against what they have been used to.

What is one HR/future of work trend or change that you hope to see more of at SEA startups?

Offering more flexibility to employees with different needs and being more results-oriented.

What is your favourite HR resource that you would recommend to this community?


Lastly, where are you based, and where would you take friends visiting your city for the first time? 

Manila, some of fave restaurants to try out the local food!

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