A.I. & Entrepreneurship

Develop and entrepreneurial mindset using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Find out how industry leaders are innovating jobs and improving efficiency through better data collection and usage.

about this course

This course is designed to equip students with business frameworks and trends, adapting to the new reality of emerging industries, and creating opportunities to accelerate their career and business acumen.

Along with weekly masterclasses taught by industry leaders, students will look forward to a curated series of case studies from leading venture fund, Softbank. Students can also expect to tap into a global community of experts across technology, innovation and deep science.


What to Expect


Course Modules

module 1

Entrepreneurial Thinking 101

Case Study

Great entrepreneurs are tasked to discover new problems, reveal potential niche opportunities, and problem solve. We explore how the best entrepreneurs historically have built global business models, by starting small.

Topics covered:

  • What is curiosity and how it has evolved in a digital age
  • How to discover and think of problems everyday in your life and career
  • Why problem discovering and a growth mindset is key in this decade
module 2

Fail and Take Risks to Win Big

Case Study

Failure is a constant companion in life, and this means risk is part of your day-to-day work and life. We explore how entrepreneurs speed up their decision making and leverage risk to capitalise on opportunities that the average person won’t see.

Topics covered:

  • Why failures are just the beginning of success and how to learn from them
  • Our daily lives are full of risk and how to leverage these risks to achieve our goals
  • What can you learn from biggest risk takers in history
module 3

Technology as a Means to Find and Solve Problems

Case Study

Technology is a means to create value, solve problems, invent new things. We explore some of the leading smart solutions on how they create value, and what they are doing differently to competition.

Topics covered:

  • What technologies are used in some of the most successful companies?
  • What is smart technology?
  • How AI and ML help tackle world's biggest problems
module 4

A.I. frontlines: Latest Development in RL, NLP and CV

Case Study

What is the frontier of AI developments? We discuss the latest developments and successful use cases in RL, NLP and CV.

Topics covered:

  • What are the main categories in AI?
  • What is Reinforcement Learning and what are the latest developments?
  • What is Natural Language Processing and what are the latest developments?
  • What is Computer Vision and what are the latest developments?
module 5

Recommender Systems: What They Are and How They Help Companies Win

Case Study

Whether you’re purchasing a book on Amazon, watching a movie on Netflix or listening to your favourite song on Spotify, you’re sharing valuable data for the platform to personalise the experience - this is called a Recommender system. We explore their formula of success and how to build one.

Topics covered:

  • What is considered the formula of success for Amazon, Google, Netflix, Facebook, and other technology companies?
  • What is a recommender system?
  • What are the best methodologies to build a recommender system?
module 6

Latest Development in Neural Networks & Neuromorphic Computing

Case Study

A lot of intelligence goes into powering the technology that we engage on a daily basis. Particularly on global platforms like Google, Amazon and Netflix, a simulation of the human brain, called Neural networks, is designed to mimic how humans think, so that they can better recognise patterns to improve the user experience. In this final module, we explore what neural networks are, and how they work.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to neural networks and how they work
  • What are the problems neural networks help solve
  • What are neuromorphic chips and how they differ from standard computer chips
  • Latest development in neural networks
Course Structure

How it works

Weekly schedule confirmed post admission
Certificate of completion by Industry Partner
Weighted assessment through quizzes and project work

Your Instructors

Hayk Hakobyan

Head of Learning at NewCampus
about instructor

Hayk is a serial entrepreneur with over 13 years experience across 7 countries and 9 industries. His speciality is in business development and market expansion with corporates and early-stage ventures, combining his expertise in behavioural science.

His first two ventures were in coworking and ride sharing across the MENA region, and his 3rd gamified health and wellness startup, was acquired by a strategic corporate in Mozambique.

You can find Hayk often mentoring startups, playing competitive chess and table tennis, and attending toastmaster on the weekends.


NewCampus is a lifelong learning school for people excited by change. They host daily masterclasses taught by world-class entrepreneurs, innovators and creators focussing on the latest skills, macro trends and emerging technologies.

Ajay Prakash

Head of Product at Startup Draper House
about instructor

Ajay is a Forbes 30 Under 30, serial entrepreneur who has started 8 companies raising over U$50 million to date from global investors such as Lion Co. (largest F&B giant in the southern hemisphere), Kakao (largest internet company in South Korea) and Bitmain (largest cryptocurrency company in the world).

He has over a decade of experience in marketing and growth, both from startups and global companies. Prior to his current role at Draper Startup House, he was leading product development and strategy with Perlin, a distributed systems blockchain company, and running his own marketing agency, which scaled to six figures in revenue within six months of operations.

In his free time, Ajay is working on passion projects, such as his non-profit cross-border travel and education startup, Real Skills Education.

Draper Startup House

Draper Startup House provides global living and workspaces for entrepreneurs where they can connect, be inspired, and build a community. Their vision, backed by world-renowned venture capitalist Tim Draper, is to create 1 million entrepreneurs by 2030.

Takero Izuhara

Head of IoT, Automation and Robotics at Softbank
about instructor

Takero has over ten years experience in the technology industry, his role as a multi-country leader involves creating new business development opportunities for Softbank portfolio companies, and establishing long-term strategy relationships with clients and partners in the region.

As the Head of AI, IoT, Robotics and Automation at Softbank, Takero has worked on global projects across artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and humanoid robots. In his former role at IBM Japan, he was responsible for building and deploying cloud computing, big data, mobile and security software to multinational organisations.

Takero is a Japanese native now based in Singapore.


Softbank Group Corporation is a Japanese multinational company, most known for its Vision Fund, the world’s largest technology-focused venture capital fund. It has invested in some of the most innovative and transformative companies in the world, including Alibaba, Grab and Bytedance.

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