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Macro Trends

Sound judgement and confident decision-making begin with sense-making. Build learning habits and analytical skills to decipher business cycles and anticipate changes in rapidly evolving ecosystems.

Functional leaders can be too focused on solving problems within their function and be disconnected from the impact of changing trends, what habits and attitudes separates a functional lead and a cross-functional lead?

What will you learn in this module?

Assess macro trends impacting your function across different industries in the region.
Gain hands-on practice identifying the most relevant factors impacting teams cross-functionally.

"When it comes to navigating your career path, don't take failure as a step back, but rather as an opportunity to course correct to learn something about how you could have done your job better, or even to learn something new about yourself and how you can grow as a person."

May Chin
Principal Product Manager at Zalora

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