Being in marketing at tech companies is tough right now, but it doesn’t have to be lonely.

What is seachange?

Powered by NewCampus, seachange is a community for marketers working at SEA tech brands, no matter where they are in their marketing journey. Share how you got started in marketing, exciting recent projects, and your ideas for scaling and growth. ✨

Our goal is to keep Southeast Asia’s startup marketing talent connected and upskilled by offering:

  • Fresh ideas: effective advice and training to elevate your marketing skills
  • Career advice: inspire emerging marketing talent with different pathways
  • Community: meet other marketers and share real-world experience

Who is this for?

seachange for marketing is launching end of April 2024, come join us as a founding20 member.

The seachange community welcomes marketers who:
Currently work at an SEA startup/tech company
Currently work at the SEA office of a global startup/tech company
Have recently worked at either of the above within the last 2 years

Hear from our community

“Loved the different points of view from everyone in the room. It was a great learning experience for me that I can take back.”
- Head of Analytics & MarTech Business (SG 🇸🇬)
“I enjoyed hearing similar yet different perspectives from others. It affirms the journey I've been on.”
- Director of Marketing & Operations (PH 🇵🇭)
“Knowing other people during the breakout session and that I am not alone in these challenges.”
- Head of SEO (🇹🇭)

Have some questions?

How does the application work?
You will be answering a few questions about your career, experience, and ideas. This helps us understand what you've done, and what you're looking for next to make sure that this community is a fit for you.

If accepted, your answers to some of the questions will also later be edited by our content team to create a member profile. We recommend setting aside 10 minutes to get into the details of your marketing journey.
What happens after I'm approved?
You’ll also receive an email to be onboarded into our private WhatsApp community, access monthly events, and receive a bi-weekly community newsletter on what's going on in SEA Tech marketing landscape. We'll also get your member profile published into the network.

We're co-designing new community features with our members every month, so let us know what you need to succeed  💜
Can I join if I’m not currently at an SEA startup? Or if I'm not in marketing?
Not right now, but hold tight! We are holding this space uniquely for the goals and challenges of marketing professionals currently working at SEA startups and scaleups. For now, the community is more suitable for people with minimum work experience of 5 years

If you are interested, you can sign up here to stay updated about NewCampus and when we expand our community.
I've applied - when will I be approved?
You’ll hear back from us in 2-3 days on the next steps.
Still have questions? If you need any help, you can reach out to our team anytime!
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